Z Weave: aan het GEDIJEN

Hoi jullie :)

Once upon a time, in a land far up north, there lived a sister missionary. We'll call her Z Weave. She lived a long and happy life, serving the Lord as His missionary. And this is part of her story :)

Z Weave had a great week! Here are some things she did:

- slept a lot

- cried a lot

- learned a few new Dutch words, shout-out to the taal elders. Ik ben nog gedijen vrees niet iedereen ✌️

- had Thanksgiving dinner, it was lekker. Happy Thanksgiving iedereen ik ben dankbaar voor jullie :)

- went and filmed a music video!! It was fun, I love music and Christmas and my medezendelingen. Was a little bit aan het sterven but hey we made it through.

- had our one (1) branch activity of the year!! Had a record turn out of 36 people and it was fantastic. And I was able to stay through the whole thing #blessings

- couldn't sleep one night cuz I'd slept all day, so I wrote in my journal until 12:30. Or so. Then I was finally able to fall asleep.

- went to another Christmas concert rehearsal, didn't quite make it through that one but I made it through most of it so we'll round up

- God really put some amazing people in my life to support me and make sure I'm taking care of myself, daarvoor ben ik dankbaar 🙏

- vandaag ben ik jarig #hieperdepiep #hoerah

Z Weave still hasn't been feeling great this week, but it's helping her learn to listen to her body and set boundaries. It hasn't been easy. She would love nothing more to just keep working for all the time she has left. But she's learning more patience, and one day she will make it through the day again without needing to take a nap. The Lord has a plan for her, and that plan involves slowing down a little bit the last couple weeks :)

Z Weave also loves reading in the scriptures. One of her favorite verses this week was from Helaman 5:47. 

--> Peace, peace be unto you, because of your faith in my Well Beloved, who was from the foundation of the world. <--

Z Weave found a lot of peace in this verse this week. Things weren't going the way she wanted them to, but she learned that because she has faith in the Well Beloved, she can always find peace again.

Z Weave hopes you can find this peace in your week too :)

Vergeet niet, you're doing amazing!!! God loves you and I do too. You're doing a freaking great job ❤️

And they all lived happily ever after :)


Z Weave 🇳🇱 ❤️ 


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