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26 juli 2022 🇳🇱

Hallo iedereen!! The weeks go by so fast. It's insane. But during the week it feels like forever. Unless it goes fast too, in which case time is just a little odd haha :) Here's a few things that happened this week! - I gave a training in one of our missionary meetings! I was supposed to have 30 minutes for the whole thing plus role plays, I ended up with about 6. But we ended on time and I got through the most important things, so I was pretty proud of that haha!! We even had time for a closing song ;) - all of our lessons for two days fell through. Not the coolest, but that's ok. - had exchanges with Zr Reynolds!! It was really fun, we partied hard and did lots of good work. - Zr Flake en ik got to call the youth of the P3 ward and talk to them about missions!! It was so much fun 😁 - I really can't think of other exciting things that have happened 🤷‍♀️ - we're teaching 2 people right now, if yall could pray for Andrea and Richard that would be great :) - my Dutc

De tempel was BIJZONDER.

Hallo iedereen!! I went to the temple on Wednesday and it was the best day of my life!! I was able to listen in Dutch and it made me so happy. Between how many times I went through before my mission and how much better my Dutch is getting, I understood so much :) It was just the best. :) We got lunch afterwards with our district and it was a great day!! We went to visit a sister in our ward on Thursday evening. They were having a huge festival called the Tall Ships Race. There were huge boats from all over the world, vendors, food trucks, it was wild. It was so much fun though haha!! I've never seen so many tall ships. Did we miss our train there because of a 10 minute nap/brain break I needed? Yes. Was it worth it? Yes. 🤷‍♀️😂 We had a lady show up to church on Sunday with her son. She asked me in English if anyone spoke Spanish. I said no, but I can ask! She sat through sacrament and ended up talking with the friend a member had brought with her who spoke Spanish. I translated S


Hi everyone:) The day I have been waiting for my entire mission is finally here, and I found out about it two days ago. :) I get to go to the Den Haag temple tomorrow and I could not be more excited :) I LOVE the temple. It has been 353 days since I've last been to the temple, and I have missed it so bad. I am beyond excited I have the opportunity to go to the temple on my mission! If you haven't been to the temple recently you should make time to go. Because the temple is amazing and I love it!! Go again for me this week ;) Anyways. I just love the temple and I can not wait to go tomorrow :) I'm pretty excited :)) 😁😁 Other than that this week has been good haha! No flat tires. We did have a few run in's with flirty drunk guys, but luckily they were in a boat in the canal so it was easy for us to walk away. Count your blessings, haha! I was a little sick for most of the week so it was a little slower. I did a lot of catching up on sleep and that good stuff. My music v

...then he kissed my hand.

Hoi iedereen!! WAUW this has been an absolutely crazy week. And I've loved pretty much every minute of it :) - Wednesday we had a lesson with two really sweet members in our branch! One of them asked if we wanted to go on a walk, so she took us on an unplanned one hour foot tour of Harlingen. It's really pretty! 🤷‍♀️😅 it was so much fun haha!! - Thursday we spent the day in Zwolle filming our music video!! It was so much fun. I've loved having my cello and being able to play it!! We got Turkish food for lunch and it was amazing. - Friday we did service with Petra at her house!! I love her so much :) We had avondeten with Bep, who I also adore. I've met some of the best people in the world here in Leeuwarden:) WE GOT TO GO TO AN ORGAN CONCERT and it was the BEST EVENING of my entire LIFE. Holy cow hahaha it made me so happy. I was sitting there smiling almost the whole time. Man I miss playing the organ. And going to concerts. And the brother in our ward who invited us