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Terschelling Gang 🛥🙌

Hoi iedereen!! This week was only 4 days. It still felt like a while haha! It's been a lot of fun! Thursday we went to Terschelling, one of the islands in our area, to give a lady a Book of Mormon she had requested!! We took a two hour ferry ride to this island so she could get her copy. Unfortunately, she wasn't home when we stopped by... We left it in her door, and spent the rest of our lunch and dinner hours exploring. We did weekly planning on the island too. We saw about as much as you could of it with only walking and one bus ride!  Friday we needed to go to Den Haag. Some other sisters were going to be there around the same time and wanted to go to lunch. I was all down for it, I just didn't have any money left. I had used all the missionary funds and needed to wait for the next refill. I had no desire to use my personal money, but I still wanted to eat. I said a prayer and asked Hemelse Vader to help me out. I didn't know how He would, I just knew He could. I or

Ze blijft in Leeuwarden :))

Hallo jullie!! What a week :) ...yes, every week is like that, but still haha??  - We got a referral that wanted a Book of Mormon this week!! ...turns out they live on the islands that are in our area, so tomorrow we're taking the ferry to Terschelling to drop off a Book of Mormon ;D Missionary work can be a lot of fun sometimes haha!! - We had interviews with President and Zuster Watson!! The amount of love I feel from them is incredible. They love and support each missionary in the best way that they can. They're trying to help us all learn how to live our lives and do missionary work at the same time!! Not always an easy task haha :) We celebrated President's birthday with him too which was so fun!! - We did a ton of service this week! One of the YAs in our branch is painting his apartment so we helped with that, we weeded a garden, and we scraped paint off doorways. All the good stuff! - There was a huge volleyball tournament this weekend!! People come from miles around


Hallo iedereen!! I'm very happy to report that my migraine is gone!! I was out for a little while on Wednesday. The drive to district council took more out of me than I'd like to admit... But it was still an awesome week!! - We're still meet with one of my favorite people every week to help her build her house :)) I learn sooo much from her every time we go, and it's not just about construction! - We had a language study with a really sweet sister in our branch!! Best idea ever. I feel wayyyyy more edumacated in het nederlands now. Still a ways to go, haha, but I've been feeling pretty good about it recently!! (...which probably means in a few days I'll start feeling pretty bad about it. Humility, folks ;) ) - We're going to Schiermonnikoog today with our district!! It's a little island north of our area. We're taking the ferry and renting bikes and I'm SO excited!!! (We played ultimate frisbee on the beach, saw a few light houses, biked a lot, a

Unfortunately, She Perished

Hallo iedereen!! This week was a little crazy! We had zone conference on Thursday, which was amazing!! I was able to play the organ and the piano during it, which I loved. Music and the Spirit just go together :))  Friday afternoon I got a pretty bad migraine... which led to me sleeping all Friday afternoon. Saturday my comp had a really important visa appointment we COULD NOT miss, but I also could not drive 5 hours.... or even open my eyes still... so our sweet STLs drove an hour and a half to pick us up, took my dear comp to her appointment, had all sorts of exchanges with other sisters in the zone, all while I was back at their apartment continuing to sleep the day away. We weren't sure if we were going to make it home that night cuz I still couldn't drive. But miracles happened and prayers were answered cuz we spent that night in our OWN beds back in Leeuwarden! Sunday was mother's day (fijne moedersdag iedereen <3) maar helaas ik was nog steeds ziek and got banned


Hoi iedereen!! Ok so all I can say is the Lord knew tulips were my favorite flower before He assigned me to the Netherlands. Andddd we're going to the tulip fields today and I'm SO EXCITED there will be SO MANY pictures taken and I'm just living my absolute best life right now and I love tulips so this is the best day ever. 😁😁 So please enjoy the many photos from the tulip fields and our impromptu trip to the beach haha :)) Anyways! On to the rest of my week haha :) - it was koningsdag in the Netherlands!! Everyone wears as much orange as they can. Because it's the King's birthday and orange is the national color. Natuurlijk. Helaas, we missed the majority of the festivities because we had an orientation meeting and spent the day traveling. But I made myself a headband and got to see a ton of my favorite missionaries!! - We tried to go visit one of our less active members that lives on an island up north. We made it up to the ocean!! We couldn't get our card t