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if this is the last time

Heyyyy lieve mensen, Wow this week was absolutely crazy. A lot of emotions. Again, lol. I'm gonna miss this place so much!!!! - went to Kinderdijk for pday last week, GORGEOUS weather and it just happened to be free that day. Amazing. - dying temple trip on Wednesday... it hurt my heart cuz it means I'm leaving but the temple always brings peace :) lekker kapsalon erna, je weet hoe het gaat - finallyyyy stopped on the afsluitdijk on the way to the temple!! Only took me 10 months but I did it.  - back to back appointments and 12 hour days a lot this week. ....and instead of relaxing when you get home, you get to pack instead. It's a #miracle I made it through - said goodbye (๐Ÿ’”) to some freaking amazing people this week. I expected the tears at Petra's, but when Soyla and Kemal read my note and both broke down crying I got caught a little off guard... Kemal kept thanking me specifically for what I've done for them. It wasn't a lot, I promise haha. But I'm so

Afscheid nemen is altijd moeilijk ๐Ÿ’”

Hoi lieve mensen!! I hope y'all are doing good ❤️ I had a good week, just veryyyy hard haha...  We were at Petra's on Wednesday, helping her build her house. I was able to make it through more of it than I did last week haha!! I was mostly helpful ๐Ÿ˜… we got done, and I sat down on the floor cuz I was tired. I was sitting listening to Petra en Zr Thomas talk and realized how much I was going to miss Petra, coming to her house every week and learning from her. I definitely started crying. Just sitting on the floor in her unfinished living room, crying because I will miss her... I'm just grateful I still have one more week. We had mission conference this week!! And our Christmas party. It was the bestttttt. It was in Brussels, Belgiรซ so I finally got to see that part of the mission haha! ๐Ÿ‡ง๐Ÿ‡ช I loved being able to see everyone. I was able to share my testimony as a departing missionary. It was good, I was very emotional through the whole thing. I love my mission and I love Lee