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Two years, six months, Christmas, quarantine?

Hallo jullie!! It's been a crazy week. We had our Christmas devotional on Tuesday, which was so fun!! I was able to play a lot of the music, and I always love that :) One of my favorite things is helping people feel the Spirit through music and I had ample opportunity to do that! So I loved it :) I was able to see a lot of missionaries I've served with in the past which is so much fun! I just love people. So many friends haha! Tuesday was also my two year anniversary of going through the temple! I love the temple so much. There's so much peace to be found there. Find time to go to the temple for me, please haha :)  I was the designated driver for 6 hours on Wednesday! That was crazy. Drivers here are a little different than in Utah. But we survived, and Sister Arnold is back to driving again haha! Thursday marked my SIX MONTHS as a missionary!!!!! I wasn't ready for that milestone. Still not ready, haha. But I'm excited for everything I have coming up in the next ye

Frolijk Kerstfeest!!

Hallo iedereen!! This week has been crazy! We had a lesson with one of our friends Wednesday night. She said she wants to be baptized again!! We asked if helping her work towards being baptized and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost is something she'd be interested in, and she said yes :)) so we're pretty excited to help her with that! We had our ward Christmas party this past weekend too, and we found two potential families to teach. They know people in our ward and are interested in learning more. We have a lesson set up with one of the families this week, I'm so excited to see how it goes!! We had zone conference this week!! It was amazing, as always. I was able to see some missionaries I've served with before and that was so fun! I love catching up with people. I was able to play the piano for the meeting too, and I loved it. I LOVE helping people feel the spirit through music! I'm playing for our Christmas devotional tomorrow night too, which I'm super ex

super leuk :)

Hoi iedereen!! Ah! What a good week. It's the first week of the transfer, but I can just tell it's going to be amazing already!! :) My companion and I have the same first name, so that's pretty awesome. We spell it differently... which isn't that big of a surprise haha! Transfers were really fun. I got to see so many missionaries!! Including the one and only Sister Rogers :D And Zuster Dunford!! Just so many good people, I love all of them.  We've met with a lot of members from the ward this week! It's been so fun to spend time in their homes and get to know them. A lot of them have had younger kids. They always apologize for the chaos haha, but it's an unnecessary apology. Sometimes I miss the noise and chaos that lots of kids bring! I've developed the ability to ignore small children running around and focus on what people are saying. It's served me well on my mission haha!!  We met with two members on Wednesday for lunch. They are both the SWEETES

Lake Ridge

Hallo iedereen!!!! I'm getting transferred!!!!! I found out last night, and I'm leaving tomorrow morning. And I'm SO EXCITED!!!! I felt like I was probably leaving, but I knew I'd be ok with wherever the Lord sent me. I'm going to the Woodbridge Zone in the Lake Ridge 1st area :) I'm really sad to leave my wards, especially my YSA ward, but I can't wait to try something new!! This week was really good! One of my companions was pretty sick so we took it a little slower. We had our last district council on Wednesday and that's always a bittersweet moment. I accidentally ended up doing a musical number with an elder in my district haha, he sang the first verse of Silent Night in Japanese, then I sang the first verse in Dutch, then the whole district sang a verse together in English. It was really cool!! The whole meeting was really spirit filled. We all bore our testimonies. Man, there are some spiritual giants out here on missions! I'm so grateful to b