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Nederlands is leuk :D

 Halloooooo iedereeeeen hoe gaat hetttt?? This week was so good!! A little crazy, as always.  I'm getting better at identifying and following promptings and it makes me happy haha :)) Earlier this week we were going to go finding and were trying to figure out where to go. We said a prayer asking where we should go, and a new member popped into my head. We've visited her a few times. After we prayed I asked Sis Rogers if we'd knocked in the area where this new member lived. She said yeah, we've covered the area pretty well, so I kind of dismissed the thought and moved on. We were getting ready to leave and the member popped into my head again. I told Sis Rogers I felt like we needed to go there, so we did!! We talked to a few people. One guy asked if we believed in the COVID vaccine, cuz he'd join us if it meant he didn't have to get it... we said yes, we do get vaccines. He wasn't interested then 😂 after we knocked a few doors we were heading back to the ca

Faith in Finding

Hallo iedereen!! Wow this week has been crazy. And amazing. Like always haha ;) We had a tornado warning on Wednesday!! We didn't get a tornado, but I didn't realize Virginia got tornadoes... I know what to do in an earthquake, but not a tornadoes. It was a little scary haha! I gave a talk in sacrament meeting yesterday! Definitely a good way to introduce myself to the ward haha. I get to give the same talk next week to our YSA ward, so that's fun! Sis Rogers and I also did a musical number in Relief Society! We did a piano cello duet of I love to see the temple. It was so fun!! I love sharing music with others :) So. Sister Rogers loves peanut butter. But only one specific kind of peanut butter. (Skippy creamy reduced fat.) Last transfer they tried all sorts of different kinds of peanut butter. Meaning we had SIX jars in the apartment. I used two of them in some PB bars I made last week, that were super delicious. Then we threw one jar away cuz it just didn't taste goo

God Loves Us--Rainbows and Prayers

 You guys!!  Ah this is crazy, it's already been two weeks. ....And it's only been two weeks. There is just so much!!  But a few stories from this week!!  Wednesday we had district council. It was so fun!! We played a version of Jeopoardy, put together by the district leaders. It involved nerf guns and lots of random questions. As you do, you know.  I was kind of struggling after district council. I have this problem where I want to know everything but I want to skip the process of actually learning  it. Niet prima... everything is this way. getting to know people, learning dutch, learning how to be a good missionary, literally everything. There's nothing you can do that you'll be good at the first time!! And that frustrates me sometimes!! It was hitting me pretty hard on Wednesday. I asked God for something, like just a way to know He was still there and he was listening. It wasn't even a formal prayer. Just kind of a thought, asking for help. I made it


I made it!!! I'm here!! As a zendeling in Virginia!! It's my first P day in the field, and WOW. It's been crazy. So so crazy.  Monday we flew to DC!! There were 25 or so missionaries that flew in. It's the biggest group they've had in a long time. We met President and Sister Crankshaw and the APs and drove to the mission home. We had dinner and a little meeting, then went to a hotel to stay the night. Tuesday we met at the stake center for a few more meetings, then we met our trainers!!!!! My trainer is Sister Rogers and she is AMAZING. We're like the same person I love her haha!! I'm so grateful I got a trainer I get along with, It's definitely made the transition to missionary life easier.  We do a lot of service!! Last week we served at a food pantry, two thrift stores, and an education farm. It was so fun!!! I had yellow watermelon for the first time and it was DELICIOUS. We had a few lessons with members, which was fun!! They're a