I made it!!! I'm here!! As a zendeling in Virginia!! It's my first P day in the field, and WOW. It's been crazy. So so crazy. 

Monday we flew to DC!! There were 25 or so missionaries that flew in. It's the biggest group they've had in a long time. We met President and Sister Crankshaw and the APs and drove to the mission home. We had dinner and a little meeting, then went to a hotel to stay the night. Tuesday we met at the stake center for a few more meetings, then we met our trainers!!!!! My trainer is Sister Rogers and she is AMAZING. We're like the same person 😉 I love her haha!! I'm so grateful I got a trainer I get along with, It's definitely made the transition to missionary life easier. 

We do a lot of service!! Last week we served at a food pantry, two thrift stores, and an education farm. It was so fun!!! I had yellow watermelon for the first time and it was DELICIOUS. We had a few lessons with members, which was fun!! They're a little easier for me to share thoughts in cuz they already know everything and I don't get as worried about messing it up 😅 my first day I was asked to speak in church, and my second day I got recruited to be part of a musical number!!! So definitely using all those talents God has helped me developed haha... 

Tracting!!! Is so scary sometimes!! We went twice this week. We found a nice older man we're going to go back and visit sometime this week. And we found a family!!!!!! The dad was a little ..... .....energetic? About many things. Pfizer said we're all gonna be dead from the vaccines, Hitler, he's personally seen God..... it was a little scary. Not gonna lie. His wife is cute though,  and she seems interested!! They have a YSA age son who seemed really interested too, so hopefully we can start teaching him too!! We got back to the car after meeting with them for the first time and Sister Rogers was so excited we found a family!!! I was just shell shocked about how much the guy was going off about... a little scary... but we said a prayer and I said a prayer in my head too and it all worked out, so we'll see how this goes haha.

My district is super leuk!!! I went to my first district council last week, and it was een beetle intimidating haha... but it was so fun. We had a district activity today that was a ton of fun. We played minute to win it games, and you better believe your sisters planned it overnight and it went splendidly haha 😉 but no, it was way fun. 

Friday morning I was a little down. It just felt ...weird haha. I thought about asking the elders for a priesthood blessing, but I didn't want to be the greenie that couldn't even make it through a week without needing help... it was weighing on my mind a lot, and I kept debating about asking for one. I finally decided you know, I'm not asking the Elders for help. I'm asking God for help. And I'm not struggling thattt badly at all, I just figured a priesthood blessing will never hurt. My collega and I were able to meet up with my ZLs and my DLs Friday night, and they gave me a blessing. I'm so glad I worked up the courage to just ask for one. The power of the priesthood is amazing. I was able to feel my Father's love, even when surrounded by 4 Elders I'd known for less than 3 days. I'm so grateful for the priesthood power we've been given, and especially for worthy priesthood holders who are ready and willing to share that power with others.

So yeah!!! It's been amazing!!! My trainer is the best, and she's already been a huge blessing in my life. The past week I've had to do so many new things, but it's been amazing. 

One more funny story though!! Wednesday night Sis R and I were on the phone with some people, just sitting in the car. I wasn't saying much because it was my second day, and ... yeah it was my second day, I had no idea what to say. 😂 after we hang up the phone, Sister Rogers looks at me and says "I need you to back me up." I said OK haha yeah, sorry I wasn't saying much but I had no idea what to say. But yeah I can definitely try and talk more! Then she realized I was thinking about the phone calls, but she was talking about backing up the car.... like missionaries do, for safety reasons. You get out of the car so you can back your comp up. 😂😂😂😂😂 I thought she was telling me I need to back her up more, but she was really telling me I need to back the car up. 😂 it was so funny!! Moral of the story, kids, is make sure you're all on the same page when you're communicating. 😉 and don't forget to back your companion up in the car!! ....and occasionally on the phone 😂😂

Love you all!!!


Zuster Weaver

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