God Loves Us--Rainbows and Prayers

 You guys!! 

Ah this is crazy, it's already been two weeks. ....And it's only been two weeks. There is just so much!! 

But a few stories from this week!! 

Wednesday we had district council. It was so fun!! We played a version of Jeopoardy, put together by the district leaders. It involved nerf guns and lots of random questions. As you do, you know. 

I was kind of struggling after district council. I have this problem where I want to know everything but I want to skip the process of actually learning it. Niet prima... everything is this way. getting to know people, learning dutch, learning how to be a good missionary, literally everything. There's nothing you can do that you'll be good at the first time!! And that frustrates me sometimes!! It was hitting me pretty hard on Wednesday. I asked God for something, like just a way to know He was still there and he was listening. It wasn't even a formal prayer. Just kind of a thought, asking for help. I made it home and took a nap and ate something. I was feeling a little better, but still definitely not my best self. We were over at our neighbor's talking with her that night. It had been super rainy and stormy all day. As we were talking, she pointed out a rainbow behind us. I turned around and saw the biggest, brightest, most vibrant rainbow I've ever seen. The thought that ran through my head was "God sent me a rainbow." It was amazing. It really showed me that He was listening and He cares about me. Sure, other people saw that rainbow and were touched by it. But I'm claiming it as mine haha :) God might not always answer your prayers when or how you want them, but I know He will always answer your prayers. And in the way that's best for you. 

Friday night we had a really cool experience. We were driving to an area to knock on a door that had been contacted before. We passed a man walking down the street. Sister Rogers said she had a prompting that we needed to turn around and give the man a flower. (We had some flowers from doing service at the Fauquier education farm again.) We flipped a couple U turns and I handed the guy a flower out the window. As we drove away I kind of wondered why we'd been prompted to do that. It probably made his day, but what else would come out of it?
Then we got to the area we were heading to. We said a prayer before getting out of the car. When we closed the prayer and looked up, there was a woman walking down the sidewalk who hadn't been there before. It was crazy how our eyes were immediately drawn to her. I didn't even realize Sister Rogers was looking at her too until she said we needed to go talk to her. The lady was super nice. She's from the middle east. We talked a little about Jesus Christ and taught her a mini version of the Restoration. She accepted a Book of Mormon and we found a time to go back and meet with her. 
We'd been praying all day for a miracle and to find the one who was ready to hear the word of God. I honestly hadn't been praying with a lot of faith, I just figured it was a good thing to pray for. If it worked out, great! If not, that's fine too! But we'd been praying, and God had been listening. He prompted Sister Rogers that we needed to give that man a flower. While it might not have changed his life, it certainly changed his day. But even better, it made the timing perfect so we could run into this lady on the street. God had His hand in this to every extent. It was another testimony builder to me that God is listening to our prayers, and He will find a way to answer them. 

Those were two big miracles from this week!! Rainbows and prayers :) It rained a lot this week too. We could probably use some of that rain in Utah haha! We got to go back to the farm and serve. We picked more watermelon, squash, and peppers. We also got to serve at a nature preserve. It was beautiful!! I loved it so much. One of our friends we met contacting last week came to YSA church with us yesterday!! He made so many awesome, thoughtful comments and wants to meet again. ;D 

The work isn't always easy, but it's certainly great!!

Ik houdt van jullie!

Love, Zuster Weaver

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