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Cheese croissants & the temple 🥐

Hoi jullie! This week has been wild!! But so amazing too :)) - Stayed at the mission home Tuesday night! It was my first time being there, it was so much fun. I'll always treasure the memory of sitting on the couch in my pajamas, talking to Sister Watson in her pajamas, and seeing President Watson walk in in a white shirt and tie and shorts after a long zoom meeting 😂 - I got up early to help President make breakfast! Seriously one of my favorite parts of the week. I learned how to make cheese croissants and boiled eggs! (Don't tell anyone it's taken me this long to learn how to boil eggs I'm trying haha) It was a very gezellig morning and I love President Watson!! - orientation day at the mission office!! Got to see SO many of my favorite people, man I love this. And I got to go to the TEMPLE again!!!!!!! 😁😁 it was a great day. That's all :) - We had a few extra minutes one night, Zr Hanny looked at me all excited and was like "street contacting?!?" ..

Week 17: I made it to the mission field!! 🥳

Beste iedereen op mijn email lijst, Week 1 of another great transfer!! I'm training Zuster Hanny from Utah, and she's pretty cool :) We get along well and that's always a BLESSING in a companionship!! - We had transfers!! ....the elevator was broken, natuurlijk. We live on the 7th floor. Natuurlijk. So we got to haul all of Zr Flake's luggage and our garbage down 7 flights of stairs. I forgot my coat and it was raining, but luckily it didn't rain the whole day 😅 - Went to transfers!! Saw almost all the sisters in the mission, all the amazing office people, and picked up mijn groentje fresh from the plane and the MTC! - PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED the elevator was fixed by the time we made it back home so we didn't have to carry luggage UP 7 flights of stairs 😭 - It's taken me 6 months, but we finally figured out how to get on the church roof!! Or rather, Zr Hanny did lol. I stopped trying after the first two times but if you persevere and someone else leaves the

Literally Leeuwarden for Life :))

Hallo jullie!! Some highlights from this week--> - We met with a less active member who came to church last week. I've never met her before, but we had quite the ...interesting... conversation with her haha! She told me she couldn't understand my closing prayer in church cuz I talk too fast. So my goal recently has been to slow down a little bit 🤦‍♀️😅 - Said less active member has 2 cats, one is very shy and doesn't like people. But she came up to me and was checking me out, I sat there petting her for a few minutes and the lady was amazed. She said she hadn't seen that happen in the 6 years that she's had her!! I am now a cat whisperer, thank you Savannah (that's the cat's name 🐈) - Played my cello in church!! They asked me to do a musical number and I chose cello instead of piano for perhaps the first time in my life, I was kind of proud of myself haha! - There were SO MANY gorgeous sunsets and moons this week - We went to the monument for the first

it's pretty much Christmas 🎄

Ok so I know Christmas is still a ways away. But I'm just going to start by saying I recently bought my second nativity in two weeks, and I will definitely be purchasing more in the coming months. 😁 We had a visit yesterday with one of my favorite members and I asked her the story behind Sinter Klaas. Basically, we took a lot of our Santa Claus from him--we got the whole story and some history and quite a few Dutch traditions. And it made my day!! And my week, as you can tell :D Anyways I will definitely be adding some Dutch Christmas traditions to my life in the future. - We had a bunch of visits with some of my favorite members, I LOVE these people so much. That's all.  - interviews with my mission president and his wife!! Always a highlight :) - I got to play the piano, the organ, and the cello this week!! Not for meetings or anything haha, just for fun for longer than usual. And it made me sooo happy, I miss playing music. - One of our dinners this week was a language stud

5 maanden in Nederland

Hallo iedereen! - We had zone conference this week! I love getting to hear from my mission leaders and getting to see other missionaries. I played prelude and the opening song on the organ, and man I loved it :) I miss music! But I'm so grateful for the chances I have to share it still! - We had a really good lesson with our friend Richard! He invited us and two of our YSAs over to his house this week for our next lesson, so that's exciting! Missionary work here is different than other places. I'll read emails or hear from other missionaries that they met someone and put them on date 3 days later or they had a few more baptisms this week or something like that. But here we celebrate the little things because those are big too!! It's exciting to see Richard still progressing!  - Don't tell anyone this haha, but I've played the cello more frequently on my mission than I have years. Even when I was in orchestra I would rarely pick it up and practice outside of clas