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Amsterdam 🌷 🌷

Hoi jullie!! Ok so I just love it here. I'm sitting om a bench in Amsterdam across the canal from the Anne Frank museum right outside a little Dutch bakery. I don't think it can get any better 😁 ...until I'm eating something from the little Dutch bakery 😉😂 This week was so good!! We had zone conference which was amazing. I'm getting to know a lot more missionaries here! I still miss my people in VA though. ❤ Zuster Lund and I played Savior, Redeemer of My Soul for zonecon, and it was amazing. I love playing music and feeling the spirit through it!  - I met one of my MTC teachers for the first time this week!! It was pretty fun.  - We went to the Book of Mormon musical playing in Amsterdam. We didn't see the musical haha, we stood outside afterwards and talked to people and answered questions. We all dressed up like elders so they'd recognize the sisters as missionaries! 😂  - I was able to watch my great-grandma's funeral this week too. I'm so gratefu

Peers, kaas, en koekjes

Hallo iedereen!! This week absolutely flew by. I don't even know what happened haha! But here's a few highlights: - I might be the branch pianist now lol? I accidentally ended up playing last week and they asked me to play again this week. But what's fun is the hymns are all in Dutch, so I don't know the hymn numbers anymore. The opening song was not one we have in English. So I totally sight read it during sacrament meeting and it went really well. Very grateful for that haha!! - We meet with Wieke, one of our less active members, every week. We had the most AMAZING lesson with her last night!! We taught the restoration and I think it's the most I've participated in any lesson so far in the Netherlands haha. I talked so much!! I used so much Dutch!!! The spirit was so strong and it was just the coolest. :)) - My comp and I are playing a musical number for ZoneCon tomorrow!! I'm SO excited. I love bringing the spirit through music :D Kind of random, but here

Nederlands--het komt!!

Hallo jullie!! Holy cow, where to start. This week has been absolutely crazy!! But so good. For the most part, haha. But really good!  - We had our first district council together!! It was fun. Some of it was in Dutch, which was good, but it low key made me that much more nervous to talk. But it was good cuz now I know my district better and I can tell it's going to be way fun!!  - Wij ging op een reuzenrad!!!!! Het was letterlijk het BESTE. I loved it. So much fun :))   - I've had turkish food twice now!! Kapsalon and turkish pizza. Super lekker, it was the best.  - We helped Petra build some of her house!!! It was so much fun. We built a wall :D As in we caulked it and scewed the boards in haha. Not to brag, but... she said we learned it faster and did it better than when the elders helped her... so, that was cool. 😂  - We had interviews with President and Sister Watson!! They're so cool. I miss the Crankshaws, but I know the Watsons are called to lead this mission and t


Hallo iedereen!! Holy wow, what a week. It's been absolutely insane. I could go on forever haha, but I'll try to keep this somewhat short and/or focused:  - Tuesday we had transfers, I got to say goodbye to so many amazing zendelingen in the Washington DC South mission. Kinda broke my heart. But so glad I got to say goodbye and had the chance to see everyone again!  - flew from Reagan to Boston, from Boston to Amsterdam. Landed Wednesday morning, got like 3 hours of sleep on the plane.  - met my collega, Zuster Lund!! She is SO cute!! She plays the violin and is also very musical, so we've bonded a lot over that :))  - not counting my 3 hours of sleep Tuesday night on the plane, I lasted over 36 hours without a nap (I think?). If I stopped paying attention to what I was doing, the floor would start to sway--not a good time hahaha  - I've had my first authentic Ducth pastries, oh my WORD they're DELICIOUS.  - I've already met two people who know the Roundys, my n