Nederlands--het komt!!

Hallo jullie!!

Holy cow, where to start. This week has been absolutely crazy!! But so good. For the most part, haha. But really good!

 - We had our first district council together!! It was fun. Some of it was in Dutch, which was good, but it low key made me that much more nervous to talk. But it was good cuz now I know my district better and I can tell it's going to be way fun!!

 - Wij ging op een reuzenrad!!!!! Het was letterlijk het BESTE. I loved it. So much fun :)) 

 - I've had turkish food twice now!! Kapsalon and turkish pizza. Super lekker, it was the best.

 - We helped Petra build some of her house!!! It was so much fun. We built a wall :D As in we caulked it and scewed the boards in haha. Not to brag, but... she said we learned it faster and did it better than when the elders helped her... so, that was cool. 😂

 - We had interviews with President and Sister Watson!! They're so cool. I miss the Crankshaws, but I know the Watsons are called to lead this mission and they love me just as much as the Crankshaws do. It's fun getting two sets of mission leaders! :)

 - I played the organ at the church while we were waiting for our turn in interviews. It was the same organ as the one in my church back home and it literally brought me so much joy. It's been too long since I've played the organ!!

 - Sister Lund was in a music video they were filming on Saturday. We got to go on a road trip!! I saw a lot more of the mission. There were flowers everywhere and it was gorgeous!! I met more missionaries, which is always fun. We went to the sand dunes to film the second part of the video and it was so cool!! The Netherlands are absolutely gorgeous.

 - We had 4 friends at church yesterday!!! The coolest part is we haven't actually met with any of them yet. One is someone I've been messaging over Facebook!! Social media is kinda cool sometimes :)

 - Today for P-day we went on another field trip and went to see some cool places! We went to a museum, a cool train station, and a mansion-turned-musem that was built in the 1700s. Kinda the coolest. And the pastries here are toooo good, it's bad. But also absolutely delicious :D

 - I've been here for almost two weeks now (CRAZY) and the change I've already seen in my Dutch is nuts. I can hold a conversation with Zuster Lund wayyyy easier now than I could when I first got here!! And I'm understanding others a lot easier too, which I'm so grateful for. :)

Geestelijke gedacht voor vandaag!! When you make sacrifices for the Lord, He compensates you in ways you could never imagine. He is 100 percent always on your side and wants to help! When you give Him what He asks, anything can happen. :)

Ik hou van jullie!! Blijft leuk!!


Zuster Weaver

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