Hallo iedereen!!

Holy wow, what a week. It's been absolutely insane. I could go on forever haha, but I'll try to keep this somewhat short and/or focused:

 - Tuesday we had transfers, I got to say goodbye to so many amazing zendelingen in the Washington DC South mission. Kinda broke my heart. But so glad I got to say goodbye and had the chance to see everyone again!

 - flew from Reagan to Boston, from Boston to Amsterdam. Landed Wednesday morning, got like 3 hours of sleep on the plane.

 - met my collega, Zuster Lund!! She is SO cute!! She plays the violin and is also very musical, so we've bonded a lot over that :))

 - not counting my 3 hours of sleep Tuesday night on the plane, I lasted over 36 hours without a nap (I think?). If I stopped paying attention to what I was doing, the floor would start to sway--not a good time hahaha

 - I've had my first authentic Ducth pastries, oh my WORD they're DELICIOUS.

 - I've already met two people who know the Roundys, my neighbors who served in this area a year or so ago!! Kind of crazy, a small world :)

 - I saw someone actually wearing clogs. It was kind of weird haha!!

 - .....no one told me when you're learning a language, you're going to have to actually SPEAK it..... oh boy. I understand a decent amount, sometimes, and lots of people have said my Dutch is really good, but oh boy..... (We were at a member visit last night. I was trying to say I've been really tired this week but accidentally said I've been really beautiful this week. 😬😂😂) Speaking is really hard sometimes because I know I'm not going to do it right. ...but you're also never going to learn unless you do it?? ugh, it's moeilijk.

 - There are swans, sheep, lots of ducks, canals everywhere, lots of boats, soooo many bikes, tiny churches everywhere in the countryside, flowers are starting to bloom!!

 - Our whole area is roughly the size of the WDCS mission. ... so that's taken some adjusting too haha!! 😂

One thing I've learned this week is that things always get better! The 4 main areas to make sure you're doing well in is excercising, sleeping, praying, and eating. If you take care of yourself in those areas, things will get better. It will take time. Sometimes life is really annoying. But Jesus loves you and wants you to take care of yourself!! When your body feels good, your mind will start to feel good too.

Ik hou van jullie!! De kerk is waar!! Jij kunt moeilijke dingen doen!!!!


Zuster Weaver :D


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