Hallo iedereen :)

It's been a good week hehe :)

So first things first--I got an email about starting my visa stuff this week!! And my estimated departure date is November 24th!!!!! The day before Thanksgiving, also 5 days before my birthday haha.... :) Happy birthday to meee i'm going to the Netherlandsssss :D I was not expecting the email at all. I've been trying to focus on the work here in Virginia and not be too worried about leaving. I figured it'd be another few months, at least. But suddenly I'm just hoping I'll make it to Zone conference next transfer! I'm so excited to go, but I'm so sad to leave... I've made so many amazing friends. But there will be amazing people wherever you go! (I just have to remember that haha ;)) so yay!!!! nederlands :D

That was the biggest thing to happen this week. It was kind of a big thing, so yeah that's fun haha :D I spent a good two hours at the mission office on Thursday working on my visa. I have almost everything figured out already. It's not done yet, but it will be soon!!

We had exchanges on Saturday!! I love exchanges. It's so fun being able to talk to and get to know other missionaries. I went with Sister Blettenberg, and we had a great time. It's crazy how easy it is to become friends with someone sometimes. It was a lot of fun to talk with her and learn more about her!

We've had lots of adventures this week. We were supposed to have a "thank you" BBQ for the volunteers at a nature preserve we serve at. So the whole zone rolls up (cuz we all serve there) Thursday night for dinner, it's a ways away for a lot of us. So we drove 30 minutes or so to get there... ....then we get there and figure out we had the wrong date. lol. so we all drove home, then came back again on Friday. Second time's the charm haha ;D It was really fun! My zone is kind of bomb. Just lots of cool zendelingen. 

Other things:

- We did line dancing for YSA FHE last Monday. I partied HARD. It was so fun haha! We learned the basic step of the cha-cha too. Sis Rogers told me I had to be a little careful, as a representative of the Lord I shouldn't have lots of hip movement... which is what cha-cha is all about... so that was hard for me but luckily I survived. 😂

- I HELD A FROG. and I pet a frog!! but then I held him too hehe :) his name is forg. Not because that's the Dutch word for frog, but because it's Sister Weaver's word for frog. FORG 🐸

- We had a bomb district activity today. Carving pumpkins and playing spikeball! I'm still really bad at spikeball, but I got better haha! It's crazy how when you practice something, you get better at it... interesting.... 🤔

- I made a pumpkin roll for district council last week. and it was AMAZING. And everyone loved it haha, so I made another one for our district activity today. because they're just freaking delicious. #superlekker

- I got a box of sunshine from my family this week and it made me smile :)

So yeah! A crazy week, but it's been so good :D Pray for Evelyn still. We weren't able to meet last week, but we're meeting tonight. It'll be great. But still pray. ;)

ik hou van jullie!!! De kerk is waar!! Life is exciting!!!!

Love, Z Weaver

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