Six is not that many.

Hallo iedereen!!

Ik hoop dat jullie een fantastische week hebben gehad :) ik ook, trouwens.

- went to Delft last pday!! Turns out the more delft stores you go in, the more things you will buy. 

- I bought a delft nativity!!!! Y'all I'm so excited hahaha, who needs clogs when you have a delft nativity. 🇳🇱🎄

- we went in delft stores that ranged from PROFESSIONAL don't look at it cuz you can't afford to breathe on it, to this one where a lady was sitting there painting the very delft pieces that were all over this amazing room. It was so cool :)

- also there was a Christmas store. Yes. It made me very happy. You can see the picture by clicking on the link below. 👇

- Richard, our friend that we've been meeting with for months, has been very distant lately. Leaving us on read, the likes. Prayers for him please 🙏 

- our other promising friend who is super cool also texted us and said she doesn't believe in the Book of Mormon. That one hurt too. 

- BUT we have 4 really awesome potentials that we're working with, one of them came to church this week and it was so cool. And we met with another girl and she is so excited about the Book of Mormon and thanked us for coming over and she seems so ready :)) so reallyyyyy hoping that goes well

- another Christmas concert rehearsal!! "I'll be home for Christmas" is hitting a little different this year

- also I don't think I ever actually said this but the Christmas concert I'm playing in is technically 4 days after I go home. So natuurlijk, Zuster Weaver being Zuster Weaver, I'm extending my mission 4 days so I can play the cello for a Christmas concert. If there's one thing that explains my personality yeah that's basically it 😂😂 I just love music and I love Christmas and this was literally the perfect opportunity so catch me playing the cello in the Netherlands ✌️😁🇳🇱🎄

- whose Dutch is improving???? Yours, if you're practicing 😉 and mine too hehe, Dutch compliments literally make my day that's all 😁🙌

- My mom asked me last week how many nativities I have now. ...with me, on my mission. Not counting the ones at home. I'm at six...? 😬😅😂

We were talking with a friend last night about joy. She was saying how important it is for us to choose positivity!! And it's SO true. If we want to be negative in life it will happen. We have to choose joy!! There are so many things to be happy about, you just gotta find them :) Men are that they might have joy!! 

Go find some joy this week :)

God loves you and I do too!! Blijf geweldig, je kan het doen 😁


Z Weave 🇳🇱

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