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It's the most wonderful time of the year again. The time of year that has tiny pumpkins. And I LIVE for tiny pumpkins, I absolutely love them. I finally bought some last Tuesday, because they're the best and bring me so much happiness:) You can't buy happiness, but you can buy tiny pumpkins and sing along to Christmas music and let's be real--that's the same thing. There was also a lot of Christmas music played this week, it's in full swing hehe. We haven't put the tree up yet but we are planning that party, I'll let you know how it goes. 🎄😁 Other bijzondere gebeurtenissen van deze week:  - spent literally 20 extra hours in the car, going from Apeldoorn to Utrecht and Gouda and Den Haag and back to Leeuwarden again every time. Geweldig.   - Zonecon!!!! Mijn lievelings. I was a little sad cuz I wasn't doing anything musically. ...until the APs look at me 2 minutes before the meeting start and say hey Zr Weaver, you're playing right?? I do

Go be a majestic little birdy 🐦🦅

Hey jullie :) Sometimes I wonder if my week is even worthy of an email, but at this point I can't skip it haha 🤷‍♀️ - kerst muziek? FULL SWING if you aren't listening to Christmas music yet let me be the first to tell you you're MISSING OUT there's too much good gevoelens erin to wait until Christmas time.  - had like 5 or 6 11-hour days this week. I've been exhausted. Haha. Please don't. And just take care of yourself, you're doing great:) - decided to bike 25 minutes (8 kilometers) to a different library Monday night! The sunset was GORGEOUS on the way there and it was pitch black on the way back. Doing it for the memories, #noregrets 🚲🚴‍♀️ - despite alles that absolutely CRAZY was this week, we found two new people to teach!! Wonder in and of itself haha :) - one of the new people we found street contacting last Sunday. He was SO excited to meet us. ...he just never texted us back :/ BUT THEN we got a self referral from him 6 days later!! Turns out we&

I have zero creative titles

Hallo iedereen!! Hope your week was gezellig:) - went cello street contacting!! It was fun, needs a few tweaks but it'll work lol 😅 - accidentally found the most GORGEOUS path by a canal right by our house, hello morning runs and comp study outside haha 😍 - successfully did NOT get tboned this week, that's always a plus - made German pancakes with pears. It was weird, don't know that I'd recommend it again haha! - how many fingers do you have on your right hand? If you're like most people, it's probably five. That's how many music projects or musical numbers or musical whatever I'm currently involved in. Five fingers isn't that many but five music things kind of is. I'm just glad my talents are being used even if I am a little stressed 🤷‍♀️😅 - had dinner with familie Stein!! We were able to sing a few songs with Zr Stein on the guitar, it was #GEZELLIG and made me happy :) - happened to run into a family visiting Leeuwarden with their father,

no i said DONT get hit....

Dear reader, This email is sponsored by my latest hit single, "Losing My Mind in the Median" -- the newest release by Zr Weaver! Featuring her district, with a special appearance by the Driver of the Red Car. Only on her newest album called t-boned. But more on that soon ;) - conference was amazing!! I loved it. Always so good to hear inspiring messages from the servants of God!! I've already gone back and listened to President Nelson's words for us. I love him :) - went down to Gouda! Spent lunchtime in the centrum, then spent a couple hours trying to write a mission anthem. I don't write music so idk who put me in charge but I do have opinions so I'll share them 🤷‍♀️😂 - took it a little slower, cuz sometimes you need that. It's been a little rough recently.  - watched the last session of conference with our district and made french toast afterwards for dinner!! If you ever need someone to plan something or get things moving, I'm your girl 😉 was pr