It's the most wonderful time of the year again. The time of year that has tiny pumpkins. And I LIVE for tiny pumpkins, I absolutely love them. I finally bought some last Tuesday, because they're the best and bring me so much happiness:)

You can't buy happiness, but you can buy tiny pumpkins and sing along to Christmas music and let's be real--that's the same thing.

There was also a lot of Christmas music played this week, it's in full swing hehe. We haven't put the tree up yet but we are planning that party, I'll let you know how it goes. 🎄😁

Other bijzondere gebeurtenissen van deze week:

 - spent literally 20 extra hours in the car, going from Apeldoorn to Utrecht and Gouda and Den Haag and back to Leeuwarden again every time. Geweldig. 

 - Zonecon!!!! Mijn lievelings. I was a little sad cuz I wasn't doing anything musically. ...until the APs look at me 2 minutes before the meeting start and say hey Zr Weaver, you're playing right?? ....no I don't believe so, but I certainly can. So I got to play prelude and the opening song with 30 seconds notice and it made me happy 😁 I love playing the piano!! (If you give me more notice next time I'll play the organ and it'll be cooler haha)

 - carved pumpkins and played sports for zone pday!! The garden center had tiny pumpkins and so much Christmas in the same room I was in HEMEL

 - got to practice another musical number and record the audio for it. I forgot how much I love playing the cello. I've been loving it, I also haven't been planning on going back to an orchestra after the mission until recently and I'm literally so excited:))

 - had a really special lesson with a lady who needs the gospel in her life right now. Zr Hanny and I shared simple testimonies of the Book of Mormon and the spirit was SO STRONG. She had tears running down her face. This book has so much power, it's amazing :)

 - got to see so many of my favorite people this week and do so many of my favorite things, life is good :) ...doesn't mean it's easy haha, but it's certainly good!!

 - spent the night at the mission home cuz we were far away from home and it was late haha. I LOVE President en Zuster Watson. With my whole heart. I got to play their piano for a while too and it made my heart so happy.

Did you know God wants you to be happy?? We are here so we can have JOY!! And not just in the eternities, although certainly then as well. But joy today :) Heavenly Father has given us everything we need to be happy Right Now. That doesn't make life easy, natuurlijk. But if you look for the happy things they are so much easier to find!! He blesses us with gorgeous sunsets and pretty sunrises and amazing people and lekker eten and prachtig music and rainbows and thunderstorms and dutch and cellos and hot chocolate and warm blankets and Christmas socks and so much more :) What has God blessed you with this week that made you happy?? He gave me a lot of stuff, and I know He gave it to you too :)


dat is alles

Maar ik hou van jullie, de kerk is waar, blijf het doden 🤟


Z Weave 


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