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Hallo iedereen!!

Hope your week was gezellig:)

- went cello street contacting!! It was fun, needs a few tweaks but it'll work lol 😅

- accidentally found the most GORGEOUS path by a canal right by our house, hello morning runs and comp study outside haha 😍

- successfully did NOT get tboned this week, that's always a plus

- made German pancakes with pears. It was weird, don't know that I'd recommend it again haha!

- how many fingers do you have on your right hand? If you're like most people, it's probably five. That's how many music projects or musical numbers or musical whatever I'm currently involved in. Five fingers isn't that many but five music things kind of is. I'm just glad my talents are being used even if I am a little stressed 🤷‍♀️😅

- had dinner with familie Stein!! We were able to sing a few songs with Zr Stein on the guitar, it was #GEZELLIG and made me happy :)

- happened to run into a family visiting Leeuwarden with their father, who served here 50 ish years ago!! We were at the church building at just the right time. And I went to school with one of their niece's! It's a small world haha! It was so fun to meet them and talk to them. A little miracle :)

- had interviews with President and Sister Watson!! I loveeee them. We went to a thrift store afterwards during our lunch break and I found a few children's books in Dutch that will definitely be going home with me 😁🇳🇱

Do you ever think about who Jesus wants you to become? What kind of person He has in mind for you? Because it's an AMAZING person. But becoming that person isn't gonna be easy, helaas... it's gonna take a lot of work and growing pains. But if you look back now to 5 or 10 years ago, look at how much you've changed!! And think about how good of a change it has been:) and who knows what's gonna happen in the next 5 or 10 or 30 years!! Man, you're gonna be a pretty cool person ;) it won't be easy, but man it's gonna be worth it!!!

You got this!! 😁

Ik hou van jullie, de kerk is waar, Jezus houdt van je ook. Ja kan het doen!! ❤️


Zuster Weaver 


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