no i said DONT get hit....

Dear reader,

This email is sponsored by my latest hit single, "Losing My Mind in the Median" -- the newest release by Zr Weaver! Featuring her district, with a special appearance by the Driver of the Red Car. Only on her newest album called t-boned.

But more on that soon ;)

- conference was amazing!! I loved it. Always so good to hear inspiring messages from the servants of God!! I've already gone back and listened to President Nelson's words for us. I love him :)
- went down to Gouda! Spent lunchtime in the centrum, then spent a couple hours trying to write a mission anthem. I don't write music so idk who put me in charge but I do have opinions so I'll share them 🤷‍♀️😂
- took it a little slower, cuz sometimes you need that. It's been a little rough recently. 
- watched the last session of conference with our district and made french toast afterwards for dinner!! If you ever need someone to plan something or get things moving, I'm your girl 😉 was pretty much running the kitchen there for all of it and it was so much fun haha!!
- t-boned last Wednesday!! What a time! There were so many miracles involved. God was definitely watching out for us. All 4 of us sisters and the driver of the other car walked away with little to no damage, no other cars were involved, we didn't hit two big traffic light poles our car flew through, the other missionaries I serve with were there to help us, all I had to do was sit in the median against a light pole for 45 minutes as everyone else did most of the work. 😅 (please don't ask my why my FIRST thought after getting out of the car when it happened was "WAIT I need a selfie." It just happened, it's a good picture I guess, I was really just laughing for the next hour after the accident 🤷‍♀️😅😂)

In all reality, it was rough. I've never been in such a serious accident before. Our airbags went off and the car is totalled. But the angels the Lord sent me throughout the whole experience was amazing. From a kind man who held an umbrella over me to the elder who bought me an ice cream cone and made my day to the elder who filled out the Dutch paperwork so I didn't have to think to the sister who sat next to me just supporting me to everyone who's been helping us out and supporting us :) I wouldn't have chosen it in any way, but man the way it worked out was pretty nice haha. God's hand was in every part of it. And now I have a cool story to tell hehe :)

I LOVED hearing from our prophets and apostles this weekend!! I heard so many important things and got some good revelations for the future. I loved what President Nelson said about making sure your priorities lie with God!! If you put Him first in your life, everything else will fall into place. And that's a promise from Him, not me ;)

Ik hou van jullie!! De kerk is waar en wonderen freaking bestaat. God houdt van jou en Hij zorgt voor jou ook!!

Fijne week :)

Zuster Weaver

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