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Tot ziens, Virginia... 😭

Hoi jullie!! Yep, the time has come... I never thought this day would be here. But suddenly, it came way too fast. I'm leaving for the Netherlands this week!! I fly out Tuesday afternoon and land in Amsterdam Wednesday morning. I'm so, so sad to leave this area, this mission, these people, this place. I love it SO much. But I know there will be just as many good people over there as I've found here!! A few highlights from this week! It's been an AMAZING week. :)  - Ian got BAPTIZED!!!!!! I was able to go and watch him make this sacred covenant. It made my heart so happy :))  - I got to see Sister Rogers and Sister Taylor at Ian's baptism!!!!! And so many of my YSA friends from that ward. It made me super happy too, I miss them!!  - Last district council... always a bittersweet moment.  - Last lunch with Sister Diamond and Sister Frelk... Many tears were shed.  - exit interviews at the mission home?? I swear I haven't been here long enough to have an exit intervi

Pretty positive ✔️

Hoi iedereen!! We had a great week! We were out all day Tuesday, Wednesday was awesome with lunch with two of my favorite members and district council! We ended up going to the mission office after district council. Sis B hasn't been feeling well, so the mission nurse tested her for covid... she was positive! So we went home and spent a few days in quarantine. We had a few zoom meetings, which were good. Went on a few walks, a few drives. Survived. Quarantine as a missionary is not my favorite thing! I got a lot of journal writing done, which is good haha! We were out of quarantine by Sunday. Sunday was the best day of the week--mostly because we went to church, were out of quarantine, and had 3 member visits with 3 of our favorite families. Today we went to the mission office again and stopped at Olive Garden for lunch! I'm looking forward to an awesome, super busy, super productive week. :)) Fun stories from this week: - There are a few new senior couples at the mission offic

Happy Valentines Day!! ❤

Hallo iedereen!! Man it's been crazy. So good, but so crazy. We had exchanges this week which was fun!! We had our district activity today and went to the Marine Corp museum. It was really cool!! Lots of good information haha :) We had a church tour with our friend Kenyetta!! Please pray for her that she'll be able to come to church!! And I get to go to Ian's baptism next week and I'm SO EXCITED!! Pray for him to that he'll stay on date! And pray for me that I'll be able to keep my head on... 😅 Ik hou van jullie!!!! Thank you so much for all your support and love and prayers, I love you all 🥰 The church is so true!!!!! The Lord watches out for you, physically, mentally, spiritually, emotionally, the whole deal. He can help you through anything life throws your way :) Frees niet, gewoon doen!! Tot ziens! Love, Z Weave


Hallo iedereen!! This week has been pretty interesting! It's been so good though :) I found out today my friend Ian, from my last area a few months ago, is on date to be baptized!! And I might be able to go!!!! I'm so excited :) and so excited for Ian!!! :)) I hope I can go and see him again!!  One thing I've been very grateful for this week is the comforting and guiding influence of the Holy Ghost! I usually think of Him more as a comfort. I forget that He can warn you when you're somewhere you shouldn't be or if something is about to happen. We had a few experiences this week where I was very grateful for His guidance and keeping us safe. Always listen to the Spirit!!  We stopped teaching one of our friends this week, which was pretty sad... She's leaning more on the temporal blessings of attending church than the spiritual blessings, and that's not what it's here for. But one of our friends from a few months ago met with us again and she's been re