Pretty positive ✔️

Hoi iedereen!!

We had a great week! We were out all day Tuesday, Wednesday was awesome with lunch with two of my favorite members and district council! We ended up going to the mission office after district council. Sis B hasn't been feeling well, so the mission nurse tested her for covid... she was positive! So we went home and spent a few days in quarantine. We had a few zoom meetings, which were good. Went on a few walks, a few drives. Survived. Quarantine as a missionary is not my favorite thing! I got a lot of journal writing done, which is good haha! We were out of quarantine by Sunday. Sunday was the best day of the week--mostly because we went to church, were out of quarantine, and had 3 member visits with 3 of our favorite families. Today we went to the mission office again and stopped at Olive Garden for lunch! I'm looking forward to an awesome, super busy, super productive week. :))

Fun stories from this week:

- There are a few new senior couples at the mission office! One of them heard something about the Netherlands and came to talk to me. Turns out he served his mission there many years ago!! We spoke in Dutch a little and it was so fun!!! He was super impressed with my Dutch haha, so that was nice :)

- we were at the post office today in Burke, we saw another missionary vehicle pulling out. They stopped at the stop sign, turns out it was Zuster Dunford!!! Crazy timing that we were at the same post office at the same time, quite randomly 😂

- Brother Ryset gave me two more rocks this week before I leave and it made my heart so happy :))

- we got matching Woodbridge high school t shirts today and it was epic.

- it's like 65 degrees outside so we spent an hour at the park talking to our families and it feels so nice to be SPRING!!

Ik hou van jullie!! I finished the Book of Mormon this morning, which was pretty cool. :) I'm so grateful for that book and all the knowledge we have because of it. It brings so much peace and protection in this world!!


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