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Yall It finally happened The day I've been waiting for me whole mission, that I honestly thought would never come We were in a fancy church and I asked if I could play the organ THEY SAID YES. Anyways, that's all. That was my week. :) Haha just kidding, but definitely a highlight ervan 😂😂 here are a few other things that happened --> - zusters pday in Amsterdam!! I went to the Anne Frank huis again and the Van Gogh museum. I got to play an organ in a church and I was GRINNING the whole time, pics and videos below ;) - we had dinner with Bep!! She asked if we could stay in touch by letter when we went home, she literally got out her address book and had us both write down our addresses and gave us her address too 😭 tell me WHY Leeuwarden is actually the best place to be, I love these people so much!! - had a regional relief society conference for everyone in the mission!! All the zusters were there, it was fun to see everyone! We took pictures by the temple together afterw

Oldehoeve?? Geklommen ✔️

Hallo iedereen!! Ik hoop dat jullie warm en droog hebben deze week gebleven, want ik niet haha! - We had dinner with familie Stein. Afterwards Zuster Stein was showing us around their new house. I asked her about her 5 guitars that she has!! So she got them all out of their cases and was telling us about them. Then she plugs in her bass guitar and starts going ham. 😂 She put in a CD with Kenny Rogers and some Dolly Parton and was playing along with the bass line. And let me tell you, a 4-foot-something Dutch lady in her mid fifties shredding the bass guitar, THAT is a sight to see it definitely made my week!! 😂 - Went to institute and listened to Hans Noot, one of the legendary members in the Netherlands, expound on Isaiah. In Dutch. It blew my mind. He's working on translating Isaiah into Dutch again but more correct this time and wow my brain was 🤯 - Had exchanges with the Emmen zusters!! Zr Morrise came to party in Leeuwarden with me, and we partied HARD. It's always so f

wait i dont even speak dutch

Hoi jullie! Hope y'all have had a gezellig 7 days since the last time I sent an email :) - We went to Ameland last pday! It's an island in our area. We tried to visit a member that lived there, she wasn't home and her husband didn't seem interested. But we got to go to the lighthouse and the beach!! May have missed our bus on the way back, meaning we missed our ferry too. It was the best part of my day haha it was hilarious! #lekkerislandchillen - Had taal studie with my favorite member again! She gave us a whole tour of her house while telling us about Christmas traditions in the Netherlands and in her family. ACTUALLY the best :) she made gebakde liver for us for dinner! Chicken liver with apples, bacon, onions, peas, and rice. ... probably one of the weirder dishes I've had on my mission. But it was good! 🤷‍♀️😂 - ZONE CONFERENCE let's goooo - We have these things called a surprise toespraak, basically it's to scare everyone into writing a 5 minute talk

Just Don't Get Hit 💪🚲

Hallo iedereen!! The weather is starting to get cooler and I'm so excited, I love fall!! I can't wait for the leaves to start changing its going to be absolutely GORGEOUS. And sweater weather is the best, catch me living my best life in Leeuwarden :) - TWO people we're meeting with--our friend,  Richard, and a less-active, Wieke--just decided to stop smoking this week. It was the coolest thing. I've noticed God prepares people better than they realize sometimes. And YES please stop smoking it's bad for your health and God will bless you extra for it haha!! - Did service for someone! We were weeding her backyard and she asked us to pull two stumps out. The selection of garden tools was minimal, so we literally just ...pulled them out. #sterkezusters 💪 - went to the market, got delicious gyros for lunch. Sometimes I remember I'm living in the Netherlands and it kinda blows my mind haha! - I don't understand why this place constantly has the prettiest sunsets