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Z Weave: aan het GEDIJEN

Hoi jullie :) Once upon a time, in a land far up north, there lived a sister missionary. We'll call her Z Weave. She lived a long and happy life, serving the Lord as His missionary. And this is part of her story :) Z Weave had a great week! Here are some things she did: - slept a lot - cried a lot - learned a few new Dutch words, shout-out to the taal elders. Ik ben nog gedijen vrees niet iedereen ✌️ - had Thanksgiving dinner, it was lekker. Happy Thanksgiving iedereen ik ben dankbaar voor jullie :) - went and filmed a music video!! It was fun, I love music and Christmas and my medezendelingen. Was a little bit aan het sterven but hey we made it through. - had our one (1) branch activity of the year!! Had a record turn out of 36 people and it was fantastic. And I was able to stay through the whole thing #blessings - couldn't sleep one night cuz I'd slept all day, so I wrote in my journal until 12:30. Or so. Then I was finally able to fall asleep. - went to another Christmas

Hagedissen 🦎

Hoi hoi jullie, hoe gaat het?? Ok so here's some cool stuff that happened this week: - we got rear ended, ✨️again✨️ luckily it left no mark and we were only going 15 km an hour but mannnn I need to stop - did language study at the library, I read a book about dinosaurs in honor of Isaac (love you bro see you soon) and learned my favorite words of the week, struisvogel en hagedissen:) - had dinner with Bep, she gave us chocolate letters and I love her that's all 😭🥰 - literally slept all day Saturday, my body said *no* - gave a talk in church on Sunday, it was a little short and my body was not doing great by the end, but hey we made it through!! - went to Apeldoorn for Christmas concert rehearsals!! - went to Den Haag and the mission office yesterday, I still wasn't feeling well so that was great. I was able to get a priesthood blessing and that was very nice :) I'm so grateful for the incredible people I get to serve with and how much support they give!! I decided the

Six is not that many.

Hallo iedereen!! Ik hoop dat jullie een fantastische week hebben gehad :) ik ook, trouwens. - went to Delft last pday!! Turns out the more delft stores you go in, the more things you will buy.  - I bought a delft nativity!!!! Y'all I'm so excited hahaha, who needs clogs when you have a delft nativity. 🇳🇱🎄 - we went in delft stores that ranged from PROFESSIONAL don't look at it cuz you can't afford to breathe on it, to this one where a lady was sitting there painting the very delft pieces that were all over this amazing room. It was so cool :) - also there was a Christmas store. Yes. It made me very happy. You can see the picture by clicking on the link below. 👇 - Richard, our friend that we've been meeting with for months, has been very distant lately. Leaving us on read, the likes. Prayers for him please 🙏  - our other promising friend who is super cool also texted us and said she doesn't believe in the Book of Mormon. That one hurt too.  - BUT we have 4 r


Heyyyy jullieeee Wow this week was SO good. Veel dingen heeft gebeurt. Veel mooie dingen :) - went to a castle on pday!! SO mooi, holy cow when I picture a castle this is what I see haha it was the best - WENT TO THE TEMPLE oh my gosh you know it was better than the castle cuz it's GOD'S castle. It made me so happy. I got to see a ton of awesome missionaries, it was so much fun to spend time with them. And the amount of LOVE and PEACE I felt in the temple is crazy. Man I can't wait to go every week again! If you have a temple nearby please go for me this week cuz it's the best haha :) - made monster cookie bars for my district #lekerrrr I love my district they're actually just quality people - might have gone on a date..? It was unintentional, I promise 👀😂 we met up with someone we'd been talking to on Facebook and he had a friend and he bought us ice cream. It was a little awkward but also just really funny, we might be helping him learn English so stay tuned

You CAN get pulled over on a bike

Halloooooo iedereen!! Some weeks are just ....gek lol. There are some days that just feel like REAL mission days 😂 - Zr Hanny fell off her bike - the same night, I almost got hit by a car on my bike. (I didn't. Also I had the right of way, it wouldn't have been my fault) - I fell off my bike (a first on my mission) - a very nice man saw it happen, invited us into his café that's very much not in business, and proceeded to give us samplings of what I think was baklava. I've never had baklava before--it was lekker haha! He spoke a tiny bit of Dutch and Arabic, so that communication was fun - decided we deserved kruidnoten (a Dutch Christmas cookie 🎄) as a reward after street contacting and me falling off my bike, so we went to try and find the kruidnoten store - it was raining at this point - then I got pulled over on my bike for riding where I'm not supposed to. They asked for my ID, got my statement lol (I had NO idea there were places you could get fined for ridi