trio timeeee

Hallo iedereen!! 

Seven days have once again come to pass. Haha. But yeah, it's been another week! And a good one!

We had a church tour this week with our friend Teddy!! He LOVED it, it was so much fun!!! We're definitely going to get him to church soon ;)

We had our ward trunk or treat this past Saturday! It was the best trunk or treat I've ever been to. There were a bunch of cute carnival games set up, and the YW put on a haunted house. Plus the trunk or treat! Sister Rogers and I dressed up as angels, and we were adorable. 

I got my visa stuff turned in!! I was waiting for one more thing to be delivered. It got misplaced at the mission office, so it was very much a tender mercy that we were able to find it so I could get it all gathered and sent in. Now we just wait for the official word on visas, then the official flight plan... I'm supposed to leave a month from yesterday! and four weeks from tomorrow!! Ahhh it's nuts. I'm so excited, but so nervous. And also very excited. #nederlands

And TRANSFERSSSSSS. My third transfer out in the field! I'm staying in Vint Hill, which I'm very happy about!! Sister Rogers is leaving me......... which is so sad...... but it's ok. I'm getting two new companions tomorrow!! I'm nervous, but also excited :) just two more best friends!!! ...hopefully haha! I get to lead out the area, which will be fun! A little nervewracking. But I'm going to be brave!!!! There was an analogy about pushing the baby bird out of the nest so it can fly. It either falls or flies, I think. But no worries, cuz I will definitely be flying. ;)

Hope yall are doing amazingly!! Just remember Jesus loves you and He's always there to help :)

De kerk is waar!! Ik hou van jullie!!!


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