Méér pompoenen??

Hoi jullie :)

How is everyone?? I hope y'all are doing splendidly!! It's been a good week here in Manassas!

We were able to meet with Ev again Monday night! She said she still wants to get baptized!!!! So that's awesome :) We're going to slow down a little and focus on the little things, like prayer and scripture study. If you have a basic testimony foundation, you'll get through so much. (And also--if your testimony is struggling with something, just do the thing. It's really the only way to gain a testimony of that!) Ian is doing well too!! Hopefully he'll be able to make it to church again one of these days, he has a hard time getting work off. 

We had interviews this week with President and Sister Crankshaw!! They are amazing, I love them so much. We spent Thursday up north working on more visa stuff! I had a doctors appointment, got my fingerprints taken, and spent another 2 hours at the mission office working on visa stuff. We left the mission office, then ended up going right back to help another elder with his visa stuff. Somehow, I accidentally became the B/Ned visa expert in this mission! If anyone has questions, I might have the answers...? I'm not sure how it happened, to be honest 😂 I just like knowing what's going on haha. And if I can help others with that I'm more than happy to!! 

It's the last week of the transfer, which is nuts... I'm pretty sure I just got here. ...but it also feels like I've been here forever haha :) 😂 I'm really sad though cuz Sis R and I probably aren't going to make it through the transfer together.... but it's ok!! We're going to make it an amazing last week together!! Then I'll get a new sister to party with for a few weeks before I head off to Nederland to speak Dutch and things :D

Other things this week:

- our apartment complex has one of those fancy fires that doesn't smell like smoke and you just have to turn the knob to turn it on. We went and sat at it one night! Lots of fun haha

- I normally feel like I have sufficient knowledge to live on my own... then I try cutting up a watermelon... but it's ok haha it was delicious.

- We had a YSA RS activity! We made cute little pumpkins and I watercolored for the first time in my life. It was way fun!

- We played a piano duet in sacrament meeting yesterday!! It was the best :)

- We spent 2 hours in an urgent care on Sunday, don't worry they just told Sis R to drink fluids and take cold medicine. .... that wasn't very productive for a visit to urgent care, but we survived.

- we got flu shots today. I wasn't very excited, so I rewarded myself for being good by getting a box of cookies from crumbl! Who said bribery didn't work??

- de kerk is waar, het boek is blau, ik hou van jullie.

Y'all are the coolest!! Doi!

Z Weave :) 


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