Zone conferentie EN algemene conferentie??

First of all, general conference was amazing!! I loved the focus on covenants and temples. I want to gain a better understanding of the covenants I've made. I loved the talk by Elder Dunn about making small but steady improvements. It takes patience but it definitely works! It's something I needed to hear for my language study. I wish I could say I was always happy and excited to study Dutch... but small and steady improvements are all you need ;) I also loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk that was in a similar strain of thought. If we don't focus on consistent, daily repentance and improvement, our life can get way off course! I LOVED the simple process he gave us to change our lives! If you want to change your life, change your day. If you want to change your day, change your hour. You gotta act now! The only thing holding you back is you and how you use your agency! All of conference was so good. I loving hearing the words of our prophets! The church is true!!

We also had zone conference this week!! That's always a lot of fun. I love seeing and meeting other missionaries. Between zone conference and general conference, we were very spiritually nourished!! It was great :)

We were able to watch 3 sessions of conference with members in their homes! They certainly fed us well too. We came home in the end with apple pie, pumpkin cookies, and cinnamon rolls. My body is definitely feeling all the food from this weekend haha! 

Our friend Ev, that was on date, broke up with us over text last night... That's been really hard. She said there are some things she doesn't agree with in the church, mostly the Word of Wisdom and things about Joseph Smith. It came out of nowhere. We're meeting with her one more time this week. Hopefully we can help resolve more of her concerns and help her feel the Spirit. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet and that he restored the church of Jesus Christ to the earth in the latter days. And I know following the Word of Wisdom will bless us beyond comprehension! The prophet asks us to do things that are hard. But we are never asked to do something without being promised blessings for it. If you're struggling with something, find the blessings that come from doing that! Obedience brings blessings!!

Our other friend is progressing pretty well! He wants to start meeting twice a week, so that's exciting! 

I hope you're all doing amazingly!! I love being a missionary. It's definitely the hardest thing I've ever done. There are so many ups and downs. You have to learn how to cope with so many things, but in different ways than you're used to. The Lord certainly blesses his missionaries with endurance, and for that I'm beyond grateful!

Some other fun things from this week:

- We always drive by a water tower. And I've always wanted to take pictures with it, just because! Soooo this week we drove by and stopped to take pictures. So if you're confused about my excitement of taking pictures with the water tower, don't worry--I am too. But you gotta see all the sights in Northern Virginia! And the big blue water tower is part of that! Just appreciate it ;D

- We went to a home goods store today, for fun. And they have allll their Christmas stuff out! The sheer amount of different tree decorations they had available was mind-boggling. But it brought me so much joy!

- We got an inflatable ninja punching bag this week from some other missionaries... It's a long story, but yeah. They also gave us tiny dollar tree bibles and it made me very happy :D

- I'm halfway through my second transfer. I'm practically ancient. 

- Watching conference and seeing the organ brought me so much serotonin. 

De kerk is waar!! Ik hou van jullie!!


Zuster Weaver :)

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