Peers, kaas, en koekjes

Hallo iedereen!!

This week absolutely flew by. I don't even know what happened haha! But here's a few highlights:

- I might be the branch pianist now lol? I accidentally ended up playing last week and they asked me to play again this week. But what's fun is the hymns are all in Dutch, so I don't know the hymn numbers anymore. The opening song was not one we have in English. So I totally sight read it during sacrament meeting and it went really well. Very grateful for that haha!!

- We meet with Wieke, one of our less active members, every week. We had the most AMAZING lesson with her last night!! We taught the restoration and I think it's the most I've participated in any lesson so far in the Netherlands haha. I talked so much!! I used so much Dutch!!! The spirit was so strong and it was just the coolest. :))

- My comp and I are playing a musical number for ZoneCon tomorrow!! I'm SO excited. I love bringing the spirit through music :D

Kind of random, but here's some food stuff that happened this week haha!

 - we had lunch with a member on Wednesday! She's so sweet. There was a bowl of pink ...stuff... on the table. I had no idea what it was, so I only took one to try. (So I didn't put a whole scoop on my plate and realize I didn't like it at all.) It almost looked like pieces of raw meat..? I was a little skeptical. The member made a joke about me only taking one haha. I tried it... ...turns out it was a pear!! A canned pear. That was pink. 😂😂 and I love pears haha!! So I took another few scoops. But I really thought it was raw meat there for a second... 😂

 - We went grocery shopping last week and I wanted to buy sliced cheese. I didn't know what kind of cheese to buy, because the cheese is different here haha. I saw the word "mozzarella" --I know that word!! So I panicked and grabbed it because I recognized the word mozzarella... 😂 Zuster Lund tried it the next day and said it tasted nasty and had a terrible texture. I looked at the label a little closer and it was ☆plant-based cheese.☆ 😂😂 It was HILARIOUS. Also nasty. Cheese that was supposed to taste like mozzarella. didn't. But now I know what Not to buy!! 😂

 - Cooking here is also difficult because the food looks different, is in a grocery store I've never been to, is called something different, and the oven doesn't have markings on it. Haha. But I decided to make cookies this wrrk. One knob on the oven is the temperature, the other is what sort of cooking it's doing (broil, bake, etc. ). The only marking on either of the knobs is 150° C. Other than that it's just a guess. But my cookies worked!! They baked perfectly. And they were absolutely delicious, so that was kind of a tender mercy for me haha :)

2 Nephi 2:25 says men are that they might have joy--but that's a choice. Heavenly Father has given us everything we need to be happy and to have joy. If we focus on the wrong thing though, we'll never feel that joy. That's something I'm trying to work on a little. Find the joy in life! In living the Gospel, reading your scriptures, find the joy in your family, in your relationships, in being a missionary and in going to school. It's hard sometimes. Really hard. But we're here to have joy and we gotta make that choice :))

Ik hou van jullie!! De kerk is waar!! Ik ben heel dankbaar voor de verzoening van Jezus Christus en de vreugde wij kunnen vinden daarin!!


Zuster Weaver

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