Amsterdam 🌷 🌷

Hoi jullie!!

Ok so I just love it here. I'm sitting om a bench in Amsterdam across the canal from the Anne Frank museum right outside a little Dutch bakery. I don't think it can get any better 😁 ...until I'm eating something from the little Dutch bakery 😉😂

This week was so good!! We had zone conference which was amazing. I'm getting to know a lot more missionaries here! I still miss my people in VA though. ❤ Zuster Lund and I played Savior, Redeemer of My Soul for zonecon, and it was amazing. I love playing music and feeling the spirit through it!

 - I met one of my MTC teachers for the first time this week!! It was pretty fun.

 - We went to the Book of Mormon musical playing in Amsterdam. We didn't see the musical haha, we stood outside afterwards and talked to people and answered questions. We all dressed up like elders so they'd recognize the sisters as missionaries! 😂

 - I was able to watch my great-grandma's funeral this week too. I'm so grateful for technology and that we can participate more in our lives at home.

 - We went to Amsterdam for pday today!! We went to the Anne Frank museum and the Corrie ten Boom house. It was amazing to see so much history and how people help those around them!

I love the gospel!! I'm so grateful for the joy and peace it brings me. Life is never perfect, but the gospel makes it easier to have an eternal perspective!!

Ik hou van jullie!!


Zuster Weaver

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