Week 17: I made it to the mission field!! 🥳

Beste iedereen op mijn email lijst,

Week 1 of another great transfer!! I'm training Zuster Hanny from Utah, and she's pretty cool :) We get along well and that's always a BLESSING in a companionship!!

- We had transfers!! ....the elevator was broken, natuurlijk. We live on the 7th floor. Natuurlijk. So we got to haul all of Zr Flake's luggage and our garbage down 7 flights of stairs. I forgot my coat and it was raining, but luckily it didn't rain the whole day 😅

- Went to transfers!! Saw almost all the sisters in the mission, all the amazing office people, and picked up mijn groentje fresh from the plane and the MTC!

- PRAYERS WERE ANSWERED the elevator was fixed by the time we made it back home so we didn't have to carry luggage UP 7 flights of stairs 😭

- It's taken me 6 months, but we finally figured out how to get on the church roof!! Or rather, Zr Hanny did lol. I stopped trying after the first two times but if you persevere and someone else leaves the key in the window you'll see a new perspective of the church building you've never seen before!!

- Service with Petra, ik hou ervan :))

- I've been so exhausted, I sleep all the time it's kind of bad haha... my brain is being stretched and training is intimidating so if anyone has ground breaking life changing tips send em my way. But other than that we're vibing up here in Leeuwarden and I get to show Zr Hanny the best area in the mission so that's pretty geweldig :)

- I get to go to the temple again this weeeeeeek 😁😁😭 I'm so excitedddddd I love the templeeeeee

- We are trying to coordinate Spanish/English lessons for a member in our ward, Persian/English lessons for a friend we're also teaching Dutch to, and we have a friend who's deaf so we communicate through typing or writing. I didn't think the language barrier would be in languages other than Dutch but the Lord works in mysterious ways, thankfully the Spirit speaks every language!! 😁

- We had an AMAZING lesson with our friends Yosra en Hamid!! The language barrier was a little rough haha, but we ended up giving them 4 copies of the Book of Mormon in Persian, English, and Dutch 😁 The Spirit was so strong and it made me happy!!!

I read a talk recently by Elder Holland--he told us we need to forgive so life can be as rewarding as God intended it to be. That really stuck out to me!! Is my life rewarding?? Do I find the good in it? God definitely intends for it to be. But am I focusing on the good parts, the blessings He's given me, or am I looking too much at what's going wrong in life? Is your life rewarding right now? Cuz God probably wants it to be:)

ANYWAYS ik hou van jullie, ik hou van gemeente Leeuwarden, het nederlands is het leukste, I've taken too many naps this week haha :)

Ik hou van jullie doeiiiii


Zuster Weaver 


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