it's pretty much Christmas 🎄

Ok so I know Christmas is still a ways away. But I'm just going to start by saying I recently bought my second nativity in two weeks, and I will definitely be purchasing more in the coming months. 😁 We had a visit yesterday with one of my favorite members and I asked her the story behind Sinter Klaas. Basically, we took a lot of our Santa Claus from him--we got the whole story and some history and quite a few Dutch traditions. And it made my day!! And my week, as you can tell :D Anyways I will definitely be adding some Dutch Christmas traditions to my life in the future.

- We had a bunch of visits with some of my favorite members, I LOVE these people so much. That's all. 

- interviews with my mission president and his wife!! Always a highlight :)

- I got to play the piano, the organ, and the cello this week!! Not for meetings or anything haha, just for fun for longer than usual. And it made me sooo happy, I miss playing music.

- One of our dinners this week was a language study with the iconic Zr Steinvoorte, she bought food from a snackbar and we tried everything. It was so much fried food. It was amazing. I felt disgusting afterwards. You know, the usual :) 😂

- We had an awesome lesson with our friend Richard! We met at his apartment with two of our JOVOs, Kevin and Celine. He's doing well and making little steps forward!

- My mission is teaching me how to be flexible and go with the flow. It's an important lesson to learn haha! Ik ben altijd zo dankbaar voor alles die ik leren. 

- My favorite compliment from random dutchies I interact with is "Oh y'all speak good Dutch, how long have you been here??" Makes my day every time 😉😂

I want you to take a minute and think about all the people who have impacted your life in small ways. The neighbor you love, the friend you're always so excited to see, that person at church that always just makes your day. Do you realize YOU'RE that person for someone? You're the one they love to see? You're the one that makes them happy? That makes them smile when they see a text or an email from you, that makes them grateful God put such wonderful people on this earth?? Because I have a hard time realizing the for myself. Then I think of how happy I get when I see an email from Angie or Llama or Sister Diamond or Sister Frelk, or the dozens of other amazing people I know :)) And I just remember that God loves us so much He puts amazing people in our lives!! And He's put you in their lives too:))

Ik hou van jullie!! And Jesus does too :)


Zuster Weaver

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