Lake Ridge

Hallo iedereen!!!!

I'm getting transferred!!!!! I found out last night, and I'm leaving tomorrow morning. And I'm SO EXCITED!!!! I felt like I was probably leaving, but I knew I'd be ok with wherever the Lord sent me. I'm going to the Woodbridge Zone in the Lake Ridge 1st area :) I'm really sad to leave my wards, especially my YSA ward, but I can't wait to try something new!!

This week was really good! One of my companions was pretty sick so we took it a little slower. We had our last district council on Wednesday and that's always a bittersweet moment. I accidentally ended up doing a musical number with an elder in my district haha, he sang the first verse of Silent Night in Japanese, then I sang the first verse in Dutch, then the whole district sang a verse together in English. It was really cool!! The whole meeting was really spirit filled. We all bore our testimonies. Man, there are some spiritual giants out here on missions! I'm so grateful to be able to serve with them. 

We had interviews with our mission president the other day too. We spent the day at the mission home, the doctor office, and the mission office, before finally getting back home. I love fieldtrip days haha!

I've already said a few goodbyes today. I didn't think I would cry, to be honest. But saying goodbye to Terrie and knowing I'll probably won't see her until the next life was harder than I thought... I've grown to love the people here so much. As hard as it is to leave, I can't wait to see what my next few months hold in Lake Ridge!!

I loved Sister Craig's talk in the Christmas devotional last night. I tend to hide my gifts sometimes, and I know other people do too. But God didn't give us our talents so we could bury them! He wants us to use them and multiply them and return them doubled! We've been blessed with our talents so we can bless others. :) Go do amazing things with what He's given you!!

Ik hou van jullie!!! De kerk is waar!!!


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