Unfortunately, She Perished

Hallo iedereen!!

This week was a little crazy! We had zone conference on Thursday, which was amazing!! I was able to play the organ and the piano during it, which I loved. Music and the Spirit just go together :)) 

Friday afternoon I got a pretty bad migraine... which led to me sleeping all Friday afternoon. Saturday my comp had a really important visa appointment we COULD NOT miss, but I also could not drive 5 hours.... or even open my eyes still... so our sweet STLs drove an hour and a half to pick us up, took my dear comp to her appointment, had all sorts of exchanges with other sisters in the zone, all while I was back at their apartment continuing to sleep the day away. We weren't sure if we were going to make it home that night cuz I still couldn't drive. But miracles happened and prayers were answered cuz we spent that night in our OWN beds back in Leeuwarden! Sunday was mother's day (fijne moedersdag iedereen <3) maar helaas ik was nog steeds ziek and got banned from going to church. I was told to stay home. ...but my head still hurt and my eyes were sooo tired, so I was ok with it in the end. Monday we finally decided I should probably go to the doctor... He gave me some pain killers and said feel better! ...but it's been working haha!! I've felt much better today and am pretty much mended. It was a little rough though for a while there!! I had the most amazing comp and STLs and branch members who did all they could to help me/us out. Couldn't have done it without them!!

I know the Lord is listening and He will answer your prayers!! Even if it feels as trivial as wanting to sleep in your own bed or wanting to make sure you had food for dinner... If it's important to you, it's important to Him. :) He's gonna work it out!! :)

Ik hou van jullie!!!! Het evangelie is de bron van eeuwig geluk in onze leven. :)


Zuster Weaver


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