...then he kissed my hand.

Hoi iedereen!!

WAUW this has been an absolutely crazy week. And I've loved pretty much every minute of it :)

- Wednesday we had a lesson with two really sweet members in our branch! One of them asked if we wanted to go on a walk, so she took us on an unplanned one hour foot tour of Harlingen. It's really pretty! 🤷‍♀️😅 it was so much fun haha!!

- Thursday we spent the day in Zwolle filming our music video!! It was so much fun. I've loved having my cello and being able to play it!! We got Turkish food for lunch and it was amazing.

- Friday we did service with Petra at her house!! I love her so much :) We had avondeten with Bep, who I also adore. I've met some of the best people in the world here in Leeuwarden:) WE GOT TO GO TO AN ORGAN CONCERT and it was the BEST EVENING of my entire LIFE. Holy cow hahaha it made me so happy. I was sitting there smiling almost the whole time. Man I miss playing the organ. And going to concerts. And the brother in our ward who invited us paid for us too and it was so sweet of him, we have the best members here 😭

- Saturday was the last district council of the transfer, it's always so sad! ....also, transfer calls!! I really thought I was sraying. But no!! It's transfer nummer vieren voor Zuster Weaver in Leeuwarden and I am SO HAPPY about it hahaha, I absolutely love these people and am in no way ready to leave. #Leeuwarden4Life

- Sunday we had church! Someone showed up who we'd never met before. We talked with him a little and he seemed really cool! He asked us if we wanted to go get tea afterwards. Of course, we wanted to learn more about him and why he just showed up to church. Naturally we said yes! ...we soon realized it was a little different than we'd thought. He had SO many good questions for us. ....the kind of questions you'd ask on a first date ahaha 🙃 favorite color, favorite number, favorite superhero, what we wanted to be when we got older... I realized we had to turn it very intentionally towards Gospel discussion haha. We talked a little about it, exchanged numbers, and oh no ahh suddenly we needed to get going. He asked us as we were leaving if we could do hugs. Unfortunately not, haha. I stuck out my hand to shake hands with him. He grabbed my hand and asked me a question. I knew what he was asking but couldn't formulate words in English or Dutch to answer his question.... so he kissed my hand. Then kissed Zr Flake’s, too. We got out of there real fast. 😳😂 So we don't know if he's actually interested, but he DID show up to church by himself... so we'll see where that goes hahaha...

- Monday we were on our way to service and ended up getting a flat tire. We changed it all by ourselves with a little help from Petra! And her jack, because our car didn't have one! We drove to the nearest tire store, they didn't have our tires. So we found another one! They changed our tires all nicely. Then we went to pay. They didn't accept our fuel card or my credit card, we didn't have enough cash, the closest atm didn't accept our cards either, we finally ended up waiting for 10 minutes on the phone with our vehicle coordinator so he could pay online. Yeesh. Quite the time.

- I'm getting a cold or something and I've been having very uncomfortable sinus headaches the past few days... praying they go away soon!

Haha that was our week! Definitely one for the books. Oh and I finished my journal this week and it made me so happy!! The satisfaction of a full journal is so fun 😊

Geestelijke dacht voor de week: Change has to come through the small and simple things! There's a reason the scriptures teach line upon line, here a little and there a little. We can't change who we are overnight. It takes consistent, small, daily efforts to become who we want to be! I've seen this a lot on my mission. I'm pretty close today to who I was yesterday. But who I was 6 months ago, or a year ago? I've changed a lot! And I hope it's for the better haha :) what little things are you doing today to get you where you want to be? What little changes are you making in your life?

Ik hou van jullie!! Ik weet dat Jezus van je ook houd. Blijft leuk en houd de geloof!


Zuster Weaver 


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