26 juli 2022 🇳🇱

Hallo iedereen!!

The weeks go by so fast. It's insane. But during the week it feels like forever. Unless it goes fast too, in which case time is just a little odd haha :)

Here's a few things that happened this week!

- I gave a training in one of our missionary meetings! I was supposed to have 30 minutes for the whole thing plus role plays, I ended up with about 6. But we ended on time and I got through the most important things, so I was pretty proud of that haha!! We even had time for a closing song ;)

- all of our lessons for two days fell through. Not the coolest, but that's ok.

- had exchanges with Zr Reynolds!! It was really fun, we partied hard and did lots of good work.

- Zr Flake en ik got to call the youth of the P3 ward and talk to them about missions!! It was so much fun 😁

- I really can't think of other exciting things that have happened 🤷‍♀️

- we're teaching 2 people right now, if yall could pray for Andrea and Richard that would be great :)

- my Dutch is getting so much better!! I love thinking about where I was 6 months or a year ago. Or even one month ago--it really illustrates the concept of line upon line haha!

As I was preparing for our little devotional thing with my home ward, I started reading through my journal entries from the beginning of my mission. It was so fun haha! Sometimes I had to laugh at what I'd written. 😂 But I remembered so many special and spiritual experiences I've had throughout my mission! If I hadn't written them down I would've forgotten about them completely. Take a little time this week to write down a spiritual experience from recently!! It only takes 5 minutes, and you will definitely thank yourself for it later. God gives us spiritual experiences for a reason and writing them down shows Him that we appreciate them!!

Ik hou van jullie, en Jezus doet het ook!


Zuster Weaver 


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