God is goed, that's all I have for this week :))

BUT we'll go into a little more depth:

- We had interviews with my mission president and his wife this week!! SO good, I love them :)

- I GOT MY CELLOOOOO it made me so happy

- I'm part of a music video now with my cello, so that's taking up all our time this week. I've literally never arranged anything before so it kind of stretched my musical abilities. But I didn't realize how much I missed playing with other people 😭 there's this certainly feeling you only get playing music with other people. I haven't had that feeling this much my entire mission. It made me so happy. We were sitting there playing and I was just grinning because it felt so good to play with people again!! And to play the cello again. Ahhh. Just God is goed, dat is alles.

- We've had lots of service with our members recently, which has been so good! I love them so much. I feel like I might be leaving at the transfer, which breaks my heart cuz I love these people so much. But I'll see them all again at some point, so it'll be ok :)

- We did service for a less active in our ward. She was saying something about getting ice cream, but with the slight language barrier sometimes we weren't entirely sure what she wanted us to do... the plan turned out we got on our car and her and her dog took the scootmobiel (her electric wheelchair) and we followed them slowly down the road to the little Cafe. We were a little confused but it worked out in the end. And it was pretty funny besides. 😂

I've been studying in the New Testament recently in Matthew. I've loved learning more about the Savior and His life! I read about Peter walking on water this week. I love this story!! When Peter kept his gaze and his focus fixated on Jesus Christ he was able to stay above the storm and waves. It's when he looked away and focused on something else that he began to sink. It's the same way in our lives--when we keep our focus on onze Heiland, we'll be able to survive any storm life sends our way. If we lose track of what's important we'll start to sink. (Matthew 14:27-31) Don't forget to keep your focus on God this week!!

Ik hou van jullie! Let me know if there's anything specific I can pray for :) God is so good!! He really just wants to bless us, and it's amazing!


Zuster Weaver 


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