a cello...??

Hallo iedereen!

- We drove to Den Haag this week!! Instead of thinking things through, we accidentally added 4 hours onto our drving that day... Not the smartest decision, but the Lord's work gets done in spite of missionaries who don't always know what they're doing haha! 😅

- We had zone conference this week with Elder Kopischke from the seventy! We talked about the Book of Mormon and how important it is. It really has so much power!! If you haven't read it in a while, please go pick it up. Just one verse can change your day :)

- I played a musical number in zone conference!! I normally go into musical numbers hoping they go perfectly. This one, I just went in with the desire to bring in the Spirit. That was it. And wow--I've never felt this way while playing a piece. It was really special and very spiritual. (And it still sounded really good, so that made me happy too ;) )

- We found THREE new people to teach this week!! That's a new record for me!!! One of our friends got a priesthood blessing at church on Sunday. It was such a powerful spiritual experience for her!! I'm excited to see where she goes in life :)

- We met with another of our friends that we found street contacting a few weeks ago. :) He LOVES the Bible and is so excited to hear about the Book of Mormon! He's also a professional boxer, so hey that's kinda cool haha :D

- It rained a lot this week too, so that was fun. Having your entire day's plans go out the window and ending up knocking a few doors in the pouring rain is the ultimate missionary experience. Just saying, haha!!

I've been thinking this week about how important the Spirit is. One of my takeaways from zone conference is that God does everything with the Spirit. If it's not by the Spirit, it's not of God. (Look up Doctrine & Covenants 50:17-21!) Make an extra effort to feel the Spirit with you this week! I know that as you do so you will recognize more of the hand of the Lord in your life. :)

Ik hou van jullie!!! Always let me know if there's anything I can do for you or anything I can pray for. Or just shoot me an email or a facebook message and tell me hi haha :)


Zuster Weaver


Bonus points: President Watson told me this week he might rent me a CELLO for the rest of my mission!!!!! Like, a cello for me to play and have with me!!!! I'm SO excited, but I will probably have more updates later. I miss the cello and really really hope it works out and I get one hehe :))

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