Leeuwarden is de Leukste 🥳

Hallo iedereen!!

Another p day, another email from Zuster Weaver haha :) This week has been good!! A lot of hard parts, but such is life. Sometimes I think I've learned everything I possibly could about being a missionary or having a companion. But it doesn't take me too long to be humbled again... 😅

We had some awesome teaching moments this week!! We had an impromptu lesson with a less active member I've never met before. She told us she'd literally been thinking about the elders the day before, then suddenly we showed up on her porch!! God knows you so well and He knows just what you need :))

We gave our most progressing friend back to the Lord this week... the fact that I knew enough Dutch for that lesson to go well was solely from the gift of tongues. The spirit was definitely present and we all parted ways uplifted and on good terms!!

We had exchanges, an IND appointment for visa stuff, lots of driving time, and just a good old party up here in Leeuwarden :) I drove in Den Haag and we totally went down a road for trams. But we didn't get hit!! It's the little things!! 😅

One thing I learned this week is that when we say a prayer and ask God for help then do our part, things WILL work out! I had a really cool experience with it. When you work like it depends on you then pray like it depends on Him, it can't go any better. Sometimes you gotta just grimace and bear it, but you can do hard things!!

Ik hou van jullie!! Let me know if there's anything I can do for you or any specific prayers yall need :)


Zuster Weaver 


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