T1 Done

Mijn eerste transfer is over!! Which is so cazy!! I'm super grateful that Sis Rogers and  I are staying together. I think I could have handled transfering or getting a new trainer, but I much prefer to stay this way haha. I'm learning how to be een goede zendeling and Sis Rogers and I are about to hit our groove. I can feel it haha :)

I had my first last district council this week! Which was a little sad, but most of our district is staying the same. So that's good! 

It's been an interesting week, for sure. Our YSA friend that fell off date a few weeks ago met up with us, and she wants to keep working towards baptism!! So that's super exciting!!! She's really the sweetest. We had two lessons this week and she came to church yesterday. Hopefully we'll be able to answer all her questions and get her to where she feels ready for baptism. 

I led out tracting for the first time this week!! Which went better than I expected it too, but still not great. I tried to tell myself it was just like talking to someone at work. ...but with someone at work, they want to be there, because they came. Knocking on doors is a little different, because they usually don't want you there. The second door I knocked was answered by a very devout Catholic who wasn't very kind. He wasn't rude, per se, but definitely less kind than a lot of people. So that made me real excited about tracting. It's been kind of slow as far as teaching has gone. We are plugging along with our two friends, but the majority of our nights are taken up with finding. And finding all night makes it go pretty slow. But hey! We've been promised blessings from dropping everyone who isn't progressing! Soon, hopefully we'll see that come to fruition. 

We had our first member meal yesterday!! It was so much fun. I loved being in a family setting again. There have been a few times at members' houses where it feels like a family, just the chaos and noise and rough love. and it kind of makes me miss my family haha :) not that Sis Rogers and I don't have chaos or rough love every now and then, but it's definitely different haha! 

De kerk is waar!! Pray for finding miracles! 


Zuster Weaver 

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