Mag ik Engels spreken?

 Hallo, iedereen!

We started learning Dutch on Tuesday. That was ....a shock to my system haha.. It's definitely been a lot harder than it was before. I enjoyed the MTC more in Engels, but I've definitely pushed myself a lot more since starting nederlands. Our teachers speak mostly just in Dutch. I'm kind of surprised at how much I've already learned, after only 5 days of language study. De Gave van Talen is real! We have to ask to use English, which I'm sure any missionary that's learned a language can relate to... SYL, iedereen!! Nederlands is moeilijk, maar het zal worden goed. Hopefully. Zuster Lay en ik try to speak Dutch to each other when we can. It leads to a lot of broken neder-engels, but as long as we can understand each other! ;) The power went out at my house on Wednesday when I was in class. This is the same day I deleted zoom from my phone cuz I never used it anymore... I ended up using my phone as a hotspot for wifi for another phone to use zoom, then I went to my grandparents to mooch off their power (and wifi). Then of course my phone starts to die, so I have to download zoom on my other phone and switch devices again. It was most eventful haha. 

I'm learning lots and surviving. It's all about adjusting to change, for better or for worse. We have a practice MTC lesson next week in Dutch. We've done two in Engels, which has been kind of fun but scary, but teaching in nederlands is going to be totally different... I'm super nervous. We practiced teaching in Dutch last night en this morning, maar it's still so new. My sentences are probably strung together with awful grammar. But as long as the person I'm teaching can understand what I'm trying to say...

Het komt goed!! It's gonna be fine!

For P-day today I'm going to Great Harvest for lunch to see all my work buddies, and I'm so freaking excited. I miss them a ton. I'm also going back to the temple to do initiatories which will be great. Hopefully I can keep going to the temple, even though I'm a missionary. It's one of the best places you can be!

One thing I've been learning to recognize this week (still) is when the Spirit is with me. There are times when I can feel the Spirit super strong, I can't feel it very well but I still know it's there, or I can feel that it's left. I heard someone say one time that if you've grown up in the church it can be hard to feel the Spirit with you because it's just ...always there. But in that case, you can definitely feel when it leaves. I've noticed that for sure. It's especially apparent when dealing with my brothers, if they're being .....less than agreeable, we'll say. I've started approaching the situation a little differently than I used to before, because I don't want to lose that Spirit. (It doesn't always work. That's for sure. But I'm still trying!)

Tot ziens,

Zuster Weaver

Some really good songs from this week, if anyone is bored and needs a few good songs to listen to:  -  I love this song. The text set to this hymn is amazing. An Elder in my district shared it.  -  I love the words of this song, and I love that it's set to a different melody. It makes you think more about what the words are saying.

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