DC here I come!!

 Hey everyone!!

It's so hard to believe I'm done with the HMTC!! Time really does fly haha. I finished class this morning, then was packing and getting ready to fly out all day. I leave for the airport bright and early Monday morning, and the adventure officially begins! It's so weird that it's here. It kind of felt like we'd just be in the MTC for forever. (Gratefully, we weren't!) It was hard saying goodbye to our teachers the past few days. They were amazing and I'm so grateful for them and what they taught me! My Dutch has grown way more than I ever thought possible. Their testimonies and mission experiences have inspired me to continue pushing forward on this path.

A few fun stories from this week!!

One of my MTC teachers lives in Ohio, and she flew home last weekend. I actually have a friend in Ohio right now on a reassignment. And guess who happened to run into each other?? My teacher said she taught Dutch and my friend connected the dots. So that was a super fun coincidence!

Our MTC teachers gave us a quick tour of the MTC the other day! It was super fun to see, but it also made us all a little sad that we couldn't go there as a district... But it's ok, HMTC was good too.

The last few days of MTC we looked at pictures and heard stories from our teachers' missions. It made me more excited than ever to get out there and serve!! In DC, but especially in the Netherlands!!! 

We were able to go to the temple Friday morning as a family and do baptisms for the dead. It was so nice to be there together. We were the only ones in the baptistry, so that was pretty special too. One of my close friends was actually working in the baptistry that morning so I got to see him for a minute!! Lots of fun all around.

Other than that, just mission prep and packing and more packing and .... more packing! But as of right now, it looks like everything is going to fit in the suitcases, so that's good news ;) (I even have space to take one of my favorite blankets, so that makes me happy that I could fit it :) I'll have a little piece of home!!)

Love you all!! Can't wait to fly out and be around other missionaries in the flesh. It's gonna be a little weird, but it's gonna be SO GOOD.

Love, Zuster Weaver ;)


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