Méér pompoenen??

Hoi jullie :) How is everyone?? I hope y'all are doing splendidly!! It's been a good week here in Manassas! We were able to meet with Ev again Monday night! She said she still wants to get baptized!!!! So that's awesome :) We're going to slow down a little and focus on the little things, like prayer and scripture study. If you have a basic testimony foundation, you'll get through so much. (And also--if your testimony is struggling with something, just do the thing. It's really the only way to gain a testimony of that!) Ian is doing well too!! Hopefully he'll be able to make it to church again one of these days, he has a hard time getting work off.  We had interviews this week with President and Sister Crankshaw!! They are amazing, I love them so much. We spent Thursday up north working on more visa stuff! I had a doctors appointment, got my fingerprints taken, and spent another 2 hours at the mission office working on visa stuff. We left the mission office,


I'M GOING TO THE NETHERLANDS!!!!!!!! Hallo iedereen :) It's been a good week hehe :) So first things first--I got an email about starting my visa stuff this week!! And my estimated departure date is November 24th!!!!! The day before Thanksgiving, also 5 days before my birthday haha.... :) Happy birthday to meee i'm going to the Netherlandsssss :D I was not expecting the email at all. I've been trying to focus on the work here in Virginia and not be too worried about leaving. I figured it'd be another few months, at least. But suddenly I'm just hoping I'll make it to Zone conference next transfer! I'm so excited to go, but I'm so sad to leave... I've made so many amazing friends. But there will be amazing people wherever you go! (I just have to remember that haha ;)) so yay!!!! nederlands :D That was the biggest thing to happen this week. It was kind of a big thing, so yeah that's fun haha :D I spent a good two hours at the mission office on T

Zone conferentie EN algemene conferentie??

First of all, general conference was amazing!! I loved the focus on covenants and temples. I want to gain a better understanding of the covenants I've made. I loved the talk by Elder Dunn about making small but steady improvements. It takes patience but it definitely works! It's something I needed to hear for my language study. I wish I could say I was always happy and excited to study Dutch... but small and steady improvements are all you need ;) I also loved Elder Uchtdorf's talk that was in a similar strain of thought. If we don't focus on consistent, daily repentance and improvement, our life can get way off course! I LOVED the simple process he gave us to change our lives! If you want to change your life, change your day. If you want to change your day, change your hour. You gotta act now! The only thing holding you back is you and how you use your agency! All of conference was so good. I loving hearing the words of our prophets! The church is true!! We also had zo

Een doop datum??

Iedereen!!!! Ahh this has been an amazing week. Last week was a little rough, but I was able to get a priesthood blessing Monday night. And oh man, I love priesthood blessings. It's amazing how much it helped me. Tuesday was sooo good. Sometimes the day after P day is a little rough, just trying to get back into things. But having a priesthood blessing the night before made it so easy. I just love the priesthood. I'm so grateful that God gives us such easy access to His power, as long as we are worthy. We only need to ask for it!! Tuesday night we had some really good gospel conversations with a few people. We weren't able to get their numbers, but we gave them ours!! While we don't know how much will actually come out of it, it was really nice to have people actually willing to talk to us!! It helped boost the missionary morale a little haha :) Wednesday was AMAZING because we were able to put our friend Ev back on date!!!!!!!! It was a really cool experience, actually

"I'm not interested"

Hallo iedereen!! Here we are again. It's funny how some weeks fly by, and others just ... don't. This week was a little longer. We've been doing a lot of finding! And haven't really found much! We knocked a door on Tuesday. A lady answered, but she didn't speak english. She had her son come talk to us. We said we had a message to share about families! And he said we could come back the next day!!! So we went back Wednesday to teach him and his family. But ... his dad answered the door through the ring doorbell. (I don't like those things. At all.) He said thanks for coming, but because of our religion we can't talk about. Which was weird, because we've definitely talked to other people of that religion before. But ok, I guess... We at least planted a seed in the son. Hopefully! We went knocking on Friday night. Sis Rogers had a prompting to go to a specific road. We were so pumped and ready. We got to this road and both felt like we should knock on a hou

T1 Done

Mijn eerste transfer is over!! Which is so cazy!! I'm super grateful that Sis Rogers and  I are staying together. I think I could have handled transfering or getting a new trainer, but I much prefer to stay this way haha. I'm learning how to be een goede zendeling and Sis Rogers and I are about to hit our groove. I can feel it haha :) I had my first last district council this week! Which was a little sad, but most of our district is staying the same. So that's good!  It's been an interesting week, for sure. Our YSA friend that fell off date a few weeks ago met up with us, and she wants to keep working towards baptism!! So that's super exciting!!! She's really the sweetest. We had two lessons this week and she came to church yesterday. Hopefully we'll be able to answer all her questions and get her to where she feels ready for baptism.  I led out tracting for the first time this week!! Which went better than I expected it too, but still not great. I tried to

Zone Conference is LEUK

Hallo iedereen!!! Wow. Another week. It flies by so fast, I swear... this week was so good!! We had an AMAZING, spirit filled zone conference. It was so good. I took like 8 pages of notes! One thing President emphasized during ZC was teaching those who are excited for baptism. We shouldn't be dragging them along, trying to force them to keep their commitments. We aren't here to plant seeds any more, the field is white! All ready to harvest!! Sister Rogers and I started the week with about 11 people in our teaching pool. Due to the counsel we received in ZC, we dropped 4 and have 6 more on a "pending" list.... we currently have one friend who's progressing and loves learning about the Gospel. And man, are we grateful for that one friend!! It's taken a lot of faith to let so many people go... but we've been promised a lot of blessings for doing this. As we show the Lord we have faith, He will lead us to those who are ready for baptism and excited to accept H