5 months tomorrow???

Hallo jullie!! Hoe gaat het met jullie?? My week has been good! We've been plugging along at that good old missionary work :) We had our district activity today! It was a lot of fun. We had Thanksgiving dinner together. The elders brought me a cake because they knew I was a little sad about not going to the Netherlands.... tell me that's not the sweetest thing ever. 😭 ...they also bought a flag thinking it was the Netherlands flag? It wasn't, but now I have a new flag to add to my Netherlands and Belgium flags!! We have been doing a lot of finding this week. We got a referral from the Spanish elders, who's super cute and really interested!! I'm excited to start meeting with her and helping her work towards baptism :) we served at the farm again this week too! I forgot to mention this last week but we were there on the day we passed 100,000 pounds of donated produce for this year! That's the best they've done ever. It's awesome because they've realiz

Mission tour and ZoneCon!!

Hoi jullie! Holy wow this week has been nuts. We had a mission tour with a member of the seventy. We had a lot of meetings, including zone conference! It was a lot of fun. We got a lot of cool revelation. I was able to recite our missionary purpose in excellent Dutch in front of everyone at zonecon so that was pretty cool haha :) I'm not going to the Netherlands in two weeks... Which is sad. Not super surprising, but sad. There are missionaries flying out the beginning of December that have their flight plans. And odds are I won't be leaving then because I don't have any flight plans. I'll probably stay in Virginia until the end of December or January. Which is ok! I still love it here, and the Netherlands will be there when I get there haha :) ...Our friend that wanted to get baptized no longer wants to get baptized. She told us never to call her again and got up and walked out of the lesson. It was pretty dramatic. And heartbreaking, honestly... I just want everyone t


Hallo iedereen! Hope everyone has had an amazing week!! My week has been pretty good. I'm adjusting more to my companions, their personalities, and the way they do missionary work. So that's been really good :) Sister Taylor and I were making dinner this week and started talking about country swing dancing! I have been a few times with my friend, but by all means am still a beginner. We definitely started swing dancing in the kitchen though, and it was so much fun!  We've had some very Spirit-led nights lately. Last night was really cool because as we were praying about where to go, the name of a less-active sister in our ward popped into my head. We'd just tried to stop by the night before but I felt like we should go back. We were able to catch her at home and get to know her for a while! It was awesome to be such an instrument in the Lord's hands. :) Then we headed over to the house of a referral we haven't been able to get in contact with either. But Sis Tay

Trio time pt 1

Hallo jullie!! It's been another week! I've been adjusting to the trio life, and it's been quite the adjustment. A few quick things from this week!  - We found 3 new friends! That's been pretty cool to be a part of!  - We planted 30 trees at Clifton this weekend, it was fun!  - My companions love how open the sky is! The amount of joy and happiness they feel brings more joy into my life :) Hope you have all had a good week! Don't forget to pray. The Lord will hear your cries, whether they're metaphorical or literal. The church is true!! I'm so grateful to be a part of the Gathering of Israel! Love, Sister Weaver

trio timeeee

Hallo iedereen!!  Seven days have once again come to pass. Haha. But yeah, it's been another week! And a good one! We had a church tour this week with our friend Teddy!! He LOVED it, it was so much fun!!! We're definitely going to get him to church soon ;) We had our ward trunk or treat this past Saturday! It was the best trunk or treat I've ever been to. There were a bunch of cute carnival games set up, and the YW put on a haunted house. Plus the trunk or treat! Sister Rogers and I dressed up as angels, and we were adorable.  I got my visa stuff turned in!! I was waiting for one more thing to be delivered. It got misplaced at the mission office, so it was very much a tender mercy that we were able to find it so I could get it all gathered and sent in. Now we just wait for the official word on visas, then the official flight plan... I'm supposed to leave a month from yesterday! and four weeks from tomorrow!! Ahhh it's nuts. I'm so excited, but so nervous. And al

Méér pompoenen??

Hoi jullie :) How is everyone?? I hope y'all are doing splendidly!! It's been a good week here in Manassas! We were able to meet with Ev again Monday night! She said she still wants to get baptized!!!! So that's awesome :) We're going to slow down a little and focus on the little things, like prayer and scripture study. If you have a basic testimony foundation, you'll get through so much. (And also--if your testimony is struggling with something, just do the thing. It's really the only way to gain a testimony of that!) Ian is doing well too!! Hopefully he'll be able to make it to church again one of these days, he has a hard time getting work off.  We had interviews this week with President and Sister Crankshaw!! They are amazing, I love them so much. We spent Thursday up north working on more visa stuff! I had a doctors appointment, got my fingerprints taken, and spent another 2 hours at the mission office working on visa stuff. We left the mission office,


I'M GOING TO THE NETHERLANDS!!!!!!!! Hallo iedereen :) It's been a good week hehe :) So first things first--I got an email about starting my visa stuff this week!! And my estimated departure date is November 24th!!!!! The day before Thanksgiving, also 5 days before my birthday haha.... :) Happy birthday to meee i'm going to the Netherlandsssss :D I was not expecting the email at all. I've been trying to focus on the work here in Virginia and not be too worried about leaving. I figured it'd be another few months, at least. But suddenly I'm just hoping I'll make it to Zone conference next transfer! I'm so excited to go, but I'm so sad to leave... I've made so many amazing friends. But there will be amazing people wherever you go! (I just have to remember that haha ;)) so yay!!!! nederlands :D That was the biggest thing to happen this week. It was kind of a big thing, so yeah that's fun haha :D I spent a good two hours at the mission office on T